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Friday, December 23, 2005

Now I can play the game...

I started my Christmas leave yesterday, and Me and Trish went to get a hair cut to celebrate, what with XMas being around the corner and all. Last night, we went to watch King Kong, the 3 HOUR epic remake by Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings movie fame. All I can say is this was a really good big budget block buster of a movie, and you all definately need to watch it! And now that I've watched the movie, I can get to playing the game which was sitting on my table for the past week cause I didn't want to spoil anything from the movie by playing it early, and the game itself has been praised as one of the must play games of the year!

Edit: Added my review of the Dragon Gate "Pro Wrestling Festival" 7/03/2005 show. It's the first year anniversary show of the company under the Dragon Gate banner with some big matches.


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