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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ring Around The Collar

Thursday I took the day off work to spend some quality time with Trish, what with the holidays coming up and all we decided to look for some holiday gift ideas early. We also went to catch the premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. This is yet another epic movie based on a book I never heard of before. I thought it was interesting, but don’t let the movie trailers fool you, cause it takes a LONG while to sit through before things get interesting.
Friday we spent the evening checking out the Miss World Vote For Me specials and criticizing the looks of the contestants. Yeah, that’s what we’ve been reduced too when there ain’t nothing worth watching on TV, Which reminds me of the last episode of Angel we saw last week. I’m not sure if that was the last episode of the series, or the last episode of the season since they advertised it as last of the series, but during the show itself referred to it as last of the current season.
I had lunch with Trish on Saturday and pretty much spent the rest of the day at home playing Magna Carta: Tears of Blood on PS2. Wasn’t much going on in the evening either. Tried to watch the HBO debut of Thunderbirds, but this was just SO HORRIBLE I instead watched the WRESTLE-1 GP Round 2 show, which was about as bad as the reviews said it was. Check out my review of the show for those interested. I also checked out the Miss World finals which was won by Miss Iceland. I guess it’s pretty obvious that looks aren’t everything in this contest if you take a look at some of the contestants.
Not much doing today either. Had lunch again with Trish at this big new seafood restaurant called, get this, SEA WORLD. One e-mail from me and what fun the resulting lawsuit from Sea World Orlando we could have. I also fetched Trish home from in the evening. Really not a lot going on in the home front either at the moment.

The Real Dumbass
I also caught a marathon of The Real World: Paris episodes on MTV on Saturday night. Man, I read about how bad he was on the net, but that jerk Chris really is a dick and the only reason he wasn't booted from the show for getting into a fight at a pub and actually punching a guy who had his hands behind his back is because guys like him who bring controversy also bring in ratings. This dumbass even neglected his girlfriend who flew half-way around the world just to see him so he could fool around with his cousin.
After that at about 2AM they showed VH1's Top 40 Celebrity Feuds hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin. If they ever make a list of the top reality show jack-asses, I'm pretty sure Chris would easily make the list.

Anime fun
My interest in watching Japanese Anime has grown again these few weeks after watching Trigun and Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid. I’m currently downloading and watching a batch of fun anime series like Jigoku Shoujo (aka Hell Girl), Shuffle!, the Ninja Gaiden OVA, and a modern remake of the Gaiking anime series. I was even thinking of starting a new blog to recap the episodes I’ve watched. What do you guys think?


Anonymous fran said...

hey jus readin abit of your blogs and if u like anime watch legend of the over fiend cus its good

7:21 PM  

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