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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Time flies

Where to start?
Last Wednesday I caught the finals of the Amazing Race: Family Edition, and despite what many considered to be a rather lackluster season (most of the favorites were eliminated early), the finals started off with a deep feeling of dread as the hypocrite "holier than thou" Weaver family took a HUGE lead over the Linz and Bransen family. But luckilly for us all their luck ran out when their laziness got the better of them and the other families managed to catch up and overtake them, leading to a very tense finaly sprint between the Linzes and Bransens. And I was darn happy the Linz siblings won at the end, keeping true to their word that they might not win every leg, but that they would be the ones stepping accross the finish line first. Good to see next season will be back to the standard 2 person teams.
Thursday me and Trish went around town doing alot of window shopping. Christmas is around da corner don't ya know? I got myself this cool shirt with a "Fight Training" type logo on it.
Friday was more of the same.
Saturday my home PC develop some audio problems and now it has zero sound coming out of it. Spent most of the day playing EA Fight Night: Round 2 and in one afternoon won the Heavyweight, Light-Heavyweight and Unified World Titles. My record is 28-0-0. Yeah, I'm gifted with the "Power of the Punch".
Sunday evening me and Trish went out on another round window shopping. Only this time I actually bought a shirt for myself, and so did she.
Still got a busy week ahead of me, so seeya in a bit.


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