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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dog Day Sunrise

Happy Year of the Dog, Y'all!
I was actually typing this big long new year article, but as I was typing it half way last night, a flash of lightning reset my home PC and everything I had typed was lost! So, being to lazy to re-do the whole thing, here's a more stripped down version of it.

Hope everyone had a safe New Year. Me? I didn't really get to do much on New Year's Eve since Trish was working the afternoon shift. I spent my day at home playing video games as usual, and went out in the evening to spend a few hours at the arcade before picking up Trish at 10:00PM.
We then went around Imperial Mall as Trish needed to get some winter clothes cause she'll be going on an overseas trip soon. I picked up a pair of sweat pants for myself, which resembled what Giant Singh used to wear in NJPW. I would have bought a matching hoodie to go with it since it was all on sale, but they didn't have my size.
We went back to her place at about 11:30PM, and wouldn't you know it would start raining heavilly as it got closer to midnight? Anywayz, me and Trish toasted in the new year with a bottle of sparkling red grape juice I had brought, yeah I don't drink alcohol. Sue me.
Since we couldn't celebrate New Years Eve together properly, I instead brought her out to dinner on the 1st. We went to the Hot Spot for western food. She had the Hot Spot Special Double Chicken Chop, and I had the grilled fish fillet. Normally, I would order the double chicken myself, but my parents challenged me to order something different for a change, so I did. The whole thing felt like a scenario out of Viva La Bam. Maybe I should have held out for something from my parents if I went through with it like Bam Margera always does?
So after dinner, we again went shopping at the Miri Square (or M3) Mall. I found this cool sleeveless military jacket, and I just might get it next pay day if it's still there. Then again, I might already have enough military gear in my wardrobe. From M3 we went to the Servey Hypermart for more looking arounds. I like trenchcoats, and found one really good one there that was 50% off! Problem is that it's not really suitable for Malaysian climates and I'd fry wearing one of those things here. Trish picked up more winter gear for her trip, and we made our way home.

Yesterday was a day off to replace Sunday. So I spent most of my day playing video games again and watching DVDs. With New Japan's annual 1/4 Tokyo Dome show tomorrow, I decided to watch their last Tokyo Dome show from 10/08 last year that featured the debut of ex-WWE talents Brock Lesner, Matt Morgan, Mark Jindrak & Charlie Haas. Check out my review of it in my puroresu show reviews blog.

Stay tuned, cause I'm in the middle of typing up my Best & Worst lists of 2005 for video games, music, wrestling and the year in general. I hope to get it up by tomorrow, so check back for it.


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