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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Viva La Bam!

Last night I spent the evening with Trish showing her the hilarity and insanity of the show that is Viva La Bam, MTV's reality show for pro-skate boarder Bam Margera, chronicalling the insane hijinks he and his crew get up to, and usually drag his family into as well. This show quickly became one of my favorites of the year, despite the rather late airing time. So I downloaded it and ripped it to DVD so I could share the fun with my girl, who was downright confused for the most part, and who could blame her if you haven't seen some of the crazy shenanigans Bam gets up to like re-enacting a civil war in his backyard, teaching his dad Phil and uncle Vito how to rock and roll (I laughed so hard in this one that I hurt my ribs!), and the game or one-upsmanship against Jackass head honcho Johnny Knoxville!
If you've never watched Viva La Bam before, I strongly suggest doing so!

Anyways, as today is the final day of 2005, I found it fitting to do one more puroresu show review, and the show I picked was GAEA Eternal Last Gong 4/10/2005. The final GAEA show before closing it's doors earlier this year. Read and enjoy.

Now I gotta go and figure out a way to ring in the new year with Trish. She's working late tonight, so I gotta find a way to bring the new year festivaties to her! Wish me luck! See y'allz in 2006, mofos!


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