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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Losers Aren't...

Ok, like I said yesterday, I've posted my year end awards for PS2 Video Games and Heavy Metal music. I was thinking of doing a pro-wrestling awards also, but the more I thought about it, WWE was mostly horrible in 2005, and I'd be really biased for puroresu as I heavilly favour everything NOAH did and didn't watch as much of the other promotions to be fair. I might also not have any wrestling awards for 2006 as I'll be heavilly cutting down on my DVD orders, but I'll still keep up with WWE PPVs, and now TNA PPVs when they air on ASTRO.

So go read my picks of the year and leave comments if you agree or not. Coming soon, my personal 10 Memorable Moments of 2005. So be sure to check back for that.


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