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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Look out below!

So I'm having to run it on my own this weekend since Trish is working the afternoon shift for the whole week until her next day off on Thursday. So I spent the whole day at home, playing Magna Carta: Tears of Blood in the morning, taking a long much deserved nap in the afternoon, and I just got done watching the Big Japan Death Match Wars #57 show and posting my review of it. The show featured an insane scaffold match between Ryuji Ito and Abdullah Kobayashi for the Big Japan Death Match Title. And when it's a scaffold match, you know someone is going to be taking a big fall or two.
I was originally going to watch and review the New Japan 2005 G-1 CLIMAX Finals, but for some reason my DVD player konked out on me again, so I decided to watch what I had on my PC HD so I could clear out some space. I might put up another review tomorrow if I have the time. So read and enjoy.


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