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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai y'all!

Let me start things off by wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year.

It's been another long week again for me. Monday to Wednesday was boring as heck cause there was either no one in the office, or everyone wasn't in the mood to work what with the long holiday break coming up.

Thursday night me and Trish went to watch the new Jet Li action movie "Fearless", more or less based on the true story of a martial arts fighter who was blinded by his ambition of being the best fighter in the land, but paid a big price for it and realized the error of his ways, leading to him becoming a cult hero in China for being able to fight and beat other fighters from other countries who were occupying China at the time. The main selling point that got me to want to check this out was the highlight fight between Jet Li and former WWE wrestler Nathan Jones. The fight was pretty nicely done, and good to see Jones didn't get squashed by Jet Li's character during the fight. The only problem I had with the movie was the lack of any subtitles for the text at the beginning and the end of the movie which explained how things started and how it ended.

Not a whole lot going on on Friday cause Trish was working the afternoon shift. But I managed to get off work at 3PM due to the holiday season, and sent my parents to the airport that evening, leaving me home alone for the night.

Saturday I spent the day lounging at home playing X-Men Legends II on PS2. I had this game for a long time, but only now started to play it and really got into it. Check out the video games section for my review of the game. With the current long holiday, I just might be able to play through the whole thing.
Last night and picked Trish up from work and we went to her place for Chinese New Year Eve dinner. A rather simple menu, but still enjoyable, and I got to spend some time with Trish's family which I don't really get to do much off.
After dinner, we went back to my place where we watched the Stephen Chow epic movie Kung Fu Hustle on AXN. Still a fun movie to watch with great fight scenes. After the movie, we waited for midnight and saw a heck of a fireworks display from the local chinese in the neighbourhood rining in the New Year. A lot of money was spent on them fireworks, and I could only imagine the money that was spent to bride customs to get them in the city.

I went to Trish's place for lunch again today, followed by a visit to her parents place to meet up with some of her relatives. We than went back to my place and spent the afternoon watching Day of the Dog on Cartoon Network. Courage the Cowardly Dog still ranks as one hell of a funny cartoon in my books.
After that, we went back to Trish's place so she could change her clothes and grab her bags before I sent her to the airport. She's on a plane to Shanghai right now for a company paid vacation. So yeah, I got a long vacation myself, but I'm spending it alone. But don't fret, I'm all good as long as I got my PS2 and my internet connection works to entertain myself.

So that's all for this rather lengthy post. Catch y'all later.
And remember: blowing stuff up with fire works is fun, just be safe and make sure you don't blow yourselves up.


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