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Monday, January 23, 2006

Another long week.

I've had a really long week. From Wednesday to Friday I was sick as a dog. Not sure why but I had a splitting head ache followed by a bout of diarhea. I was popping all kinds of pills and even went for a heat release massage before finally going to see a doctor on Saturday.
Needless to say any quality time I was supposed to have with Trish was all screwed up till last night when I was finally better thanks to whatever it was the doctor gave me. She's still planning for her big trip to Shanghai next week and I can't say I'm not worried myself since it's freezing over there right now and there have even been reports of people freezing to death! I really would like to go with her if I could, but this is a company outing and I'm working for her company so I just gotta trust them to take care of her.

Well, being sick does some privilages I guess, since I got to skip out on work for a few days. I managed to clear up my PC hard disc a bit and play some of the PS2 games that I haven't touched since first buying them months back.

I also got done watching my first puroresu show of 2006, which was the New Japan "Toukon Shidou New Chapter 1" 1/04/06 Tokyo Dome show. It was actually a decent show, but these guys still need to learn to book a Tokyo Dome show like something important instead of throwing out 10-minute matches hoping that having someone squash the other will help show how strong they are.


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