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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Running 3 on 10

I've been really exhausted the past few days as I've been running the past three days on a total of 10 hours combined sleep! It got to the point where I'd blink for 1 second, and 30 minutes would go by! Basically, I think my internal clock is screwed cause no matter what time I go to sleep, I still wake up early at about 7AM cause my body is in tune to wake up at that time to go to work. It also doesn't help that I'm one of those guys that can't get back to sleep easilly if I wake up all of a sudden. I was finally able to get some proper shut eye last night though, but I'm still not 100% rested.
So what exactly am I doing every night that's eating up my sleep time? I've been playing X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse! Two reasons that game eats up my sleep time is that it is a good game, and secondly the loading time is horrendous! It takes so freakin' long to load the levels and everything else in that game, and that's the only real downer to it.

Despite my exhaustiveness, I was able watch the 19th annual WWE Royal Rumble live on ASTRO yesterday morning. The overall show was ok, but the Rumble match itself was really good and it alone was good enough reason to watch the show, what with the very big surprise of Rey Mysterio winning the Rumble and now gets a guaranteed main event spot at WrestleMania XXII.
I also had to go fetch my parents from the airport yesterday afternoon, and after a really short nap, we went to my uncle's place for a Chinese New Year dinner. The food sucked as everything was so DRY, but the night wasn't a total loss as I thought my cousin the wonders of downloading things through torrent. I'm kinda envious he has a faster download/upload speed than mine even though I'm paying for the faster service. But than again, everyone's been complaining about Telekom's Streamyx service here for ages now.


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