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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rise & Shine, Valentine

So yesterday was St. Valentine's Day. And me being the shmuck I am made all my Valentine's Day preperations at the last minute, meaning everything got screwed up.

I originally planned on bringing Trish to this new place called the Smiling Seniorita, which serves Spanish food. I went to check out the place first and book a table, but the place was already full! So, next place to try out was the new Japanese restaurant, Maruhachi. This place was supposed to be expensive since it was located near the Park City Everly Hotel and was targeting the guests of that hotel. Well, I took a look at the menu outside and the prices were decent. I go in to make a booking, and the place is also full! Strike 2. So the last resort was to go to our usual place, the Hot Spot.
I go pick up Trish from her place and we get to Hot Spot, which luckilly for us had ONE table left! Unfortunately the problem here was that Hot Spot was running a full house, but had only ONE PERSON working the kitchen! Add a bumbling new staff member who botched up our order and you get an evening that will be memorable probably for the wrong reasons. Sure we waited an hour to get our mixed grill dinners, but they forgot the soup we ordered! So we let them know they forgot the soup, and they only sent us one bowl! We decided to just keep quiet about it and finish our meals. True enough when the bill came it charged us for two soups instead of the only one they served us. Luckilly I had stopped the bumbling waiter from clearing our table before the bill came so I had proof that they only gave us one soup. So they corrected the bill, I paid for it and we left.
We ended up going to this ice cream place for some ice cream. Actually Trish had ice cream and I just had a milkshake. We chatted for a bit, and than we left and I sent her home. Perfect ending to a less than perfect evening.
We did give each other gifts also by the way. Sticking to my last minute plan, I intended to get her some flowers. I remembered she didn't want real flowers cause they'd wither and wilt. I was thinking of plastic flowers they don't seem right either. Than it crossed my mind she did ask if I could get her one of those novelty flowers with the perfume that emits from it. I looked around, and found it, but decided to pass on it since they looked rather dated and the color had faded. Remembering she had a taste for the weird like myself, I looked around some more and found the perfect gift: a flower submerged in water in an egg! I bought it, gave it to her before dinner, and she loved it! Who da man?
She gave me this "magic mug". Problem is she wouldn't tell me what the magic was and I'd have to figure it out by myself. I think I have a pretty good idea how to get it to work, but haven't tried it out yet. Trish is giving me till Friday to figure it out. Hope I get it right.

So to all of you out there who have someone special in your lives, Happy Valentine's Day. And always remember to cherish your time with your loved ones and to let them know you love them. You can never tell someone you love them too many times.

Gawd do I sound cheesy in that last bit.


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