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Sunday, February 12, 2006

One Legged Wonder

On Thursday while walking around Bintang Plaza with Trish I suddenly felt a stinging pain in my right leg. I'm not sure what it was, but it just got worse and worse the more I walked around, and it didn't help that I also had to drive around. Apprarantly I think I pulled a hamstring or something from just walking around. Weirder injuries have happened. Just ask Kevin Nash.
Either way, the pain got worse that evening and the next day I had to wear knee support just to get through the work day. Even now several days later, there's still a sting in my leg when I walk, but at least it doesn't hurt as much to walk around like it did when it first started.

Anyways, on Thursday me and Trish were originally going to look for watches, cause it's long overdue that I got me a new one, and for Trish to get one since hers was stolen about a year back. Well, she found a good one for herself that was 50% off, but I couldn't find anything for myself that either matched my price range or what I was looking for in a watch.

Not much doing on Friday evening, which was good for me considering the condition my leg was in. I accompanied Trish for dinner during her dinner break than headed home where I lazed watching TV and playing Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, which is one of the best adventure games I've ever played.

Saturday morning I had to get up early to go to the office to help with the refurnishing since some guys were moving to the new lot upstairs. Now I got a bigger table, but I don't have a private office anymore. Gotta wait for them to get the dividers so I'll be stuck in a cubicle als Dilbert. After finishing up at the office, I hobbled to my car than went to fetch Trish and sent her to work after we had lunch together.
After that I just went home and finished the Prince of Persia game, which is again really good and highly recommended if you haven't played it yet. I spent the evening watching the first big NOAH show of 2006, First Navigation at the Nippon Budokan where Jun Akiyama won the GHC heavyweight title off Akira Taue, KENTA made a successful 5th defence of the GHC Jr title against Naomichi Marufuji in an EXCELLENT match, and Kensuke Sasaki returning and the NOAH debut of Akebono. Check out my REVIEW here.

So today I again accompanied Trish for lunch before dropping her off at work. I took a short nap after getting back in the afternoon, and than accompanied my mom to a Chap Goh Meh dinner at the new Boulevard Restaurant with my grandma and uncle's family. This place just opened late last year and I'd been interested to check out the place. Unfortunately this was not a very good first impression they made since after the first two courses there was an almost FORTY MINUTE wait for the next course to come out! I might not be an expert food critic, but having a Diploma in Hotel & Catering Management means I at least know that you do not under any circumstances keep the guests waiting for their meal, even if your running a full house. And it wasn't just our table that was constantly waiting for food either.

So now I'm home watching Viva La Bam, my current favorite show and you people need to watch it to know what I'm talking about. Before that I was watching one of my other favorite reality shows, American Casino. This was another particularly interesting episode as the casino was hosting a Staind concert to close out it's summer. It was obvious the hotel staff had no idea who Staind were, but they did manage to get into it once the concert started. They showed them play 2 songs from the set, Mudshovel and It's Been A While. After the concert, vocalist Aaron Lewis, guitarist Mike Mushok and drummer John Wysocki hit the black jack tables and had a horrible run as they lost alot. Really fun episode too.

Now I'm gonna get some shut eye cause I gotta get up for work in the morning.


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