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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Thursday I took the day off from work as Trish and I had planned to go get our photos taken at a photo studio since we never really had any good studio quality photos taken of ourselves during our engagement back in December. The studio was having an offer for photo sets, but unfortunately for some unknown reason they picked Thursday of all days to CLOSE! There wasn't even any explanation why they would close on that day since the advertised offer expired on that day!
Since we had nothing else to do, we headed to Bintang Plaza and watched Big Momma's House 2 at the cineplex. This was a fun movie and I thought it was a lot better than the original. Of course the storyline of the movie was really cliche' as you've got the family that neglects it's kids, and while under cover, Martin Lawrence's character becomes the bridge that brings all of them back together. I'd still recommend checking it out though, either at the cineplex or just wait for it to air on HBO or something.

I had also taken the day off on Friday since I thought it was pointless to take a day off, return to work for one day, than get through the weekend. May as well make it a 4-day weekend, eh? But Trish wasn't feeling well, and she wasn't 100% since Tuesday since she contracted food poisoning from our Valentine dinner. I took her to see a doctor after she finished work, and we went for dinner after that and we had simple noodles. Than we went to Boulevard where I picked up a new DVD player since the old one conked out on me back in January.
We than came back to my place where we watched "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen", starring Lindsay Lohan back when she was still cute. After which we channel surfed and watched whatever was on till I sent her back at midnight. I was hoping to show her Iron Chef USA, but for some reason they didn't show it on NTV7.

Which brings us to today when I woke up this morning and found out that I had caught whatever it was that made Trish sick. I had a fever, a headache and diarhea, much like she had yesterday. It's a bug that's going around town recently due to the weather, so it leaves me weak at home and not able to go out with Trish tonight.
At least with my free time I was able to watch the Dragon Gate "King of Gate" 12/26/05 show, featuring the quarter finals of the big King of Gate tournament. Check out my review and I'll catch y'all later.


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