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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Not Forgotten

Well, I got my blood test results back and I almost got a clean bill of health. Seems I've got a bit of a cholesterol problem, with it being a full 1 point over the safe limit. So I guess the only thing I can do now is work to get it back down to the safe level, cutting down on the McDs and fast food and working out more I guess to get back in fighting shape.

Funny thing happened the other day also as my internet got cut off for several hours, but when it came back on, it was surprisingly alot faster! Good to see Telekom finally come through on their word of speeding up the connections. Now I really feel like I'm getting what I pay for.

Thursday me and Trish went to the Euro fun fair that's in town. They brought some interesting rides with them, including one called the Extreme which spins people upside down about 30ft in the air. We didn't take any of the rides, but we did visit the Hall of Mirrors and had some fun there looking at all the oddball reflections. We really didn't do much else since everything was rather pricey. We madea quick round of the Boulevard mall before heading home for the night.

Last night me and Trish spent the evening at my place and we watched "The Forgotten" on HBO. This was a rather interesting movie starring Julianne Moore as a mother who's son passed away a year earlier in a plane crash. Thing is, 14 months later every other parent who's kid died in the same crash completely forgot about ever having kids, except Moore's character Telly, who can't seem to forget. The story takes an X-files like twist when it turns out the Government are somehow involved and even aliens have something to do with it! Rather fun thriller, and I liked the way they did these abduction scenes with people just being sucked in the air. And one of the best parts was when the NSA van ran into the car Telly was in, and you could see the van coming as the camera was on Telly as she was talking to someone.
Fun movie and I recommend it if you haven't watched it yet.


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