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Monday, May 01, 2006


I don't know why been I've been exhausted for the whole week. My eyes were even sensative to light and hurt when I was out in the sun. I guess it also didn't help that it was one of the most boring work weeks ever.

Ever since Trish changed her work schedule, we've been having terrible luck trying to go out for our regular movie night as there never seems to be anything worth watching when we go on Wednesdays.
Eitherway, last night we manage to catch Alone In The Dark at the cineplex after having dinner with my parents. This was of course one of many Uwe Boll video game based movies that bombed at the box office and brought shame to the game franchise it was based on. Watching it, you could easily see a lot of plotholes in the story. If it wasn't named Alone in the Dark, it could have passed for just another B-grade movie.

Now I would be enjoying my 3-day weekend more what with tomorrow being labour day and I don't need to work, but like I said already I've just been really exhausted for some reason and I can't even take a nap properly. Hopefully I can get some proper rest tomorrow.


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