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Monday, April 24, 2006

Clean up, isle 5!

I seriously need to clear up my PC hard disc space since it's getting really crowded what with all my torrent downloads. Problem is I like to keep things organised and not mix stuff up, so it's usually not until I have enough of the same medium like say, a bunch of Dragon Gate shows I can burn on a disc together that I actually get around to it. And when I do get enough stuff together and burn it to DVDR, there's the other problem of me not deleting them from the PC cause I usually haven't gotten around to watching them yet. For some reason, I just feel lazy to watch the shows off data discs after I burn them.
But I hope to go through the stuff in the next few days cause I really need the space now. With that, I watched the Big Japan 1/02/06 Korakuen Hall show last night, the first BJW show of the year and it was really good as far as matches went. Click the link and check out my review. More to come soon.

Saturday night me and Ling (Trish's Chinese name which she will now be known as per her request) watched the Disney Channel premiere of The Incredibles. We missed the beginning a bit, but this movie was every bit as enjoyable as when we first watched it in the cineplex several years back. Heck, with my wide screen TV and digital ASTRO transmission, I could even see more of the fine detail that was put into the production that I couldn't notice from the dark cineplex screen.

Yesterday me and Ling went for a haircut. I almost thought of not cutting my hair when Ling remarked about how my hair was starting to resemble Bam Margera, and I was even growing my goatee back too which added to it. Heck, I even like wearing jackets when I go out now to complete my nu-metal look. But I did end up cutting my hair and so did Ling.

Now it looks like another long boring work week, but the good news is, 3 DAY WEEKEND COMING UP!


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