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Friday, May 19, 2006

Hippie Power!

So I watched the finale of the Amazing Race, and it was a great show with a great close finish! And the best part was, my picks to win the race, BJ & Tyler, pulled through in the end and walked away with the million dollar prize! The final leg of the race saw the 3 remaining teams go from Bangkok to Tokyo to Alaska to Colorado, and the most fun part was when they were all in Tokyo. The line of the night coming from the hippies: "Hen no gaijin-desu! Gomen nasai!" Which in terms of what has going on roughly translates to "Weird foreignors coming through!"

It was a close race as BJ & Tyler went from first to last, and than overtook their closest competitors, who were also the most dominant players throughout the race, at the very last obstacle to win the million. Hats off to them, and a great finale to another fun season of the Amazing Race.


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