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Sunday, June 04, 2006

3rd and last?

Thursday I began my four day weekend since it was Gawai. I spent the day at home, but picked up Ling from work in the afternoon since she was working half day. We went spent some time at Imperial Mall before I sent her home and headed home myself.

Friday I lounged at home again and picked Ling up from work again in the afternoon and sent her home. That evening we went to the Star Cineplex to catch X-Men III: The Last Stand. It was a really good movie, but felt like they tried to put too much content into too small a time frame. One of those cases where it seemed like they had so many characters to work with, but didn't really know how use all of them. Some things dissapointed me, like the number of important characters that were killed off, but at least Juggernaut lived up to my expectations despite the British accent and not being a hulking mass of huminity like in the comics.

Yesterday me and Ling spent the afternoon at M3 Mall, checking out the book fair there. It was all mostly back issues of magazines and comics. Ling picked up 3 comics for herself. We walked around the mall a bit more before I sent her home. I watched a fun movie on HBO last night, Man of the House, featuring Tommy Lee Jones as a tough cop that has to bodyguard a house of cheerleaders who witnessed a murder. a cliche comedy movie where the tough cop softens up in the end, but it was fun and I usually like these kinds of movies.

This afternoon me and Ling went to the Jom Heboh! fair at Boulevard. Basically the TV3 crew came down from KL to do a jamboree here and brought the local show hosts with them to meet fans and such. I could have gotten some free autographs and such, but didn't since I didn't really know them anyway. The place was crowded as heck though, since something like this only happens once in a blue moon here so everyone from everywhere came to check it out. We went home at about 4pm, but when I reached home I started getting a head ache. Probably from the drizzle of rain during the fair. It's back to work tomorrow, but I could really care less if I get sick and can't go cause it's been boring as hell at work recently.


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