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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Saturday night me and Ling spent the evening at my place watching whatever was on TV. We were originally going to watch Shark's Tale on HBO, but I screwed up the date and the movie was actually on Sunday. So we channel surfed and came accross this interesting Chinese movie called "Bug Me Not", about a girl who discovers she has the ability to speak to insects, who were all cartoonishly CG animated. Her abilities draw the attention of a group of teens who also have "ultra-powers" like x-ray vision and telepathy, but she's not interested to join but rather tries to hit on this guy in her neighbourhood who for some reason has a phobia of being touched by people! A good fun natured comedy, even if it did look a little like it catered more to children.

Sunday evening we went jogging, which we hadn't done in a long while due to conflicting work schedules and such. It was a good run, though I obviously still need to work on my conditioning and my legs where pretty stiff and sore after.

Right now I'm looking forward to the big 4-day weekend that's coming up thanks to the Gawai holidays. Hopefully it will be 5-days if the Agong's birthday is pushed forward to Monday since it falls on Saturday. I intend to take the time to get through the vast collection of puroresu shows I've compiled over the past few months but didn't have the time to watch since I find myself watching a whole load of anime now. I managed to watch the first Dragon Gate PPV of 2006 last night, and I intend on hopefully getting through my DG collection first before moving on to the other stuff.
Speaking of anime, check out my new anime blog. It's nothing much yet, but I hope to post some reviews soon since I've been watching so many shows recently. So stay tuned.


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