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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rebirth of a Revolution

I skipped work yesterday so I could sit home and witness the PPV spectacle that was ECW One Night Stand 2006. This wasn't just a nostalgia PPV like last year for everyone to experiance Extreme Championship Wrestling one more time, but rather the kick off to the relaunch of the new ECW as they are back in full force thanks to WWE, with their own TV show as a seperate brand from WWE RAW & WWE Smackdown!. The PPV wasn't perfect, and in no way could it compare to the feeling of last year's show. But this was rather the prelude to what fans can expect from the new ECW, and I truly believe that if they stick with the formula that the rebirth will indeed be a big success, which is what I'm hoping for.

The PPV was definately worth my money, and I haven't missed any of the replays either, which is good considering my weekend was mostly dull. I couldn't go out with Ling on Saturday evening cause she was exhausted from work so I just sent her home that night.
Sunday, Me and Ling went to the Petronas Petroleum Museum at Canada Hill. It was the first time either of us had been there. But I was rather dissapointed that the actual petroleum part of the museum was closed, whereas the history of Islam part was the only thing open to public. So there wasn't really a whole lot of interest to see there other than playing around with the various IQ games they had in the exhibit.
That evening things got better as I caught probably one of the funniest movies I've seen in awhile, Soul Plane! This was just really hilarious they way they incorporated black humour to an airline with rapper Snoop Dog as the captain. It was so funny that I immediately picked up the torrent for the unrated version which was of course uncensored compared to the one that aired on TV, so in addition to the usual profanities, there was also a bit of T&A as well as Taliban jokes! Seriously recommended viewing from me!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to watching the final replay of ECW One Night Stand. I already posted my review of the show up, so now expect me to post my personal thoughts on the show soon.


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