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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Melancholy of Extreme

I've had a pretty mellow weekend. Friday I wasted 5 bucks playing Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II at the arcade before going to pick up Ling from work. Saturday we had dinner at McD's before heading back to my place where we watched anime for a change. I love this girl for actually trying to share in my interests. She currently into this series called Magical Pokaan, funny anime series about these 4 outworld princesses trying to adjust to living in the human realm and the hilarious hijinks they get up to.
Sunday me and Ling went jogging up at the hillside, up a steep pair of steps and my legs were hurting after the second lap! I had a good rest that evening, but had a hard time trying to get any sleep cause the weather here has been really warm these past few days. Wish my bedroom had air-conditioning.


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