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Friday, July 07, 2006

Haruhi-ism, Superman and RockStars

The title above more or less sums up the last 3 days for me.

On Tuesday I watched the finale of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu), an anime series that came out of nowhere and took anime watching population by storm. It was one of those series you either loved or you hated. Personally, I loved it. The story is basically about this girl named Haruhi Suzumiya, and she's not like other girls. She hates normal life and longs to meet aliens, time travellers and espers (ESP users), as she feels life would be more interesting if they truly existed. Enter Kyon, a high school student who had long given up believing in such things along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. He comes into contact with Haruhi and for some reason she sticks around him (or rather drags him around) and ends up recruiting him into her newly created club, the SOS Brigade, with the purpose of investigating any strange occurances and such. In doing so, she gathers together an oddball group of characters, and they go off on a trip of bizarre adventures together. I don't really want to spoil to much for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but the "special" people Haruhi so desperately wants to meet are really all around her, it's just that they can't reveal themselves to her due to the fact they are keeping a close eye on her since Haruhi really is more than even she knows about herself.
Like I've already said, this is a really great series and actually quite original in spots. The first episode alone gets you wondering if your watching the right show since it starts off really differently from other series. Heck, only small complaint Me and many of the other fans of the series have is that they actually jumbled up the episode sequence from the actually manga storyline. Just listen to Haruhi during the episode preview at the end, she gives the "real" episode number where as Kyon corrects her by giving the episode number following the order of release. It might sound confusing at times, and it does detract from the story sometimes, but it actually works on some levels.
Don't just take my word for it, but check it out and judge for yourself.

Wednesday Me and Ling went to the Star Cineplex to check out the much anticipated Superman Returns movie. I liked how the story was rather true to the Christopher Reeve generation of movies, and that they didn't re-run the whole "origin of the superhero" gimmick like most movies do these days (Batman Begins comes to mind). I also liked how there was more to the story rather than the usual good guy vs bad guy story, and the ending of course leaves multiple possibilities for sequels. I also like how they actually made Superman a Superman, where he truly looked unstoppable unlike the many other adaptations where he would struggle or break a sweat while trying to fight the good fight. This Superman came off as the real deal, not flintching at anything thrown at him, like the awesome spot where a guy shoots him in the eye and the bullet just bounces off it! Kevin Spacey was a great Lex Luthor too, and true to the character in the comic/cartoon as well as similar to the classic role played by Gene Hackman back in the day; a super genius that has his comedic moments. And in true superhero fashion, even when on the brink of death, and quick recharge will always fix your hair.
I was truly satisfied with the way the whole movie was handled even if there were a few filler bits in there. Definately recommended viewing if you've got 3 hours to spare.

And finally, last night I caught the premiere of RockStar: Supernova. Last time they were searching for a new singer for INXS, this time it's for a new "super group" consisting of Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Jason Newstead (Metallica, Voivod) and one of the ex-Guns & Roses guys. Going through the field of 15 contestants, I thought they all pretty much sucked. Than this punk chick by the name of Dilana takes the stage, performing the classic Nirvana track "Lithium", and totally OWNS all the other performers! You could even see it from the exitement of the band members reactions that this chick has got IT. All I can add is that I've seen a lot of bands and singers try their hand at that song, but Dilana is the first person I've ever seen do the song the way it SHOULD be done. Needless to say she gets my vote from here on out, and I truly hope she wins it.


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