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Monday, August 14, 2006

More of the SEM

Realizing that I've accumulated a backlog of over a hundred gigs worth of wrestling shows (both east and west), I finally started watching through some of the shows last week and posted a few reviews on my show review blog. Currently added are the first three SEM shows, and the first day of the 2006 New Japan Cup.
I probably won't review every show since it takes time to type out a review making the actual process of watching the show longer than it should be. Just check back for any updates. My lack of watching wrestling shows seems to stem from my renewed interest in watching fansubbed anime, and I tend to watch through those a lot quicker than my wrestling shows it seems.

Wednesday me and Ling went to watch the new Lindsay Lohan comedy flick "Just My Luck" at the Star Cineplex. Good to see that Lohan gained some of her hawtness back after going through the Paris Hilton Skin 'n' Bones diet. It was a fun show, though it could be noted that some of the bad luck situations could have easilly been avoided by some simple common sense. But than that wouldn't make it funny now would it?

Saturday me and Ling hung out at my place and watched some anime on my PC. We had a good laugh watching Magical Pokaan, Inukami!, and Muteki Kanban Musume. We might be doing this more since there's usually crap to watch on TV on Saturday nights these days. Hopefully that will all change next month when Astro officially launches a full AniMax channel, though I dread the possible censorship, and a new Asian movie channel featuring Japanese movies.


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