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Sunday, July 30, 2006

To 'port 'n' back.

Been a busy and rather hectic week for me as I've been making multiple trips to the airport in the past few days to send my parents there as well as picking them up from there, both together and individually. My brother who has been staying in Singapore for the past few years also came back yesterday for a short one week vacation, so looks like my upcoming week is going to busy as well. There's even more renovations going on now as they are extending one of the backrooms in the house.

Thursday night I checked out classic wrestling PPV on Astro, which showcased some of the greats in the business like Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Rude and Randy Savage. The highlight for me was the profile on the great Gorgeous George from the 1950s. It's easy to see why so many of today's modern day arrogant heels got influenced by the late Gorgeous one. The man was a heat generating machine that riled up the crowd just by not wanting to be touched by the referee to check him for any illegal items due to the fact he hated being touched by "dirty hands".
Even better was that PPV was followed up by the Golden Age of Wrestling PPV, which featured profiles on some of the best stars of the '50s like Lou Thesz, Antonio Rocca, "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, Pat O'Connor, Fritz Von Erich, Dick the Bruiser and again, Gorgeous George. It's one thing to read about these legends in books as well as the internet, but seeing them in action in those classic archived footage is another whole other ball game. Definately felt like I got my money's worth for those shows, and I think I should have taped them too.

Yesterday, me and Ling went to check out the new HK action flick, Dragon Tiger Gate, which was based on a popular HK comic. This was one of those movies where there wasn't much to the story, but the fight scenes are the main draw and were excellently done. Definately recommended for fans of martial arts movies with high special effects and special attacks.


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