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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Brudda in da house!

So like I mentioned in the previous post below, I've had a long week, mostly due to my brother visiting from Singapore and the wacky adventures that come with it. On Wednesday, I took the day off from work cause since he was back, and my other brother was back from working overseas, my mom had the bright idea to go get our family portrait taken at a photostudio. My eldest brother brought his family, and I brought Ling with me as technically she's family also since we're engaged. The only thing I didn't like about the shoot was how the photographer wanted us to do his poses and not what we wanted to pose. And I might not be a photography expert, but it looked like he deliberately made the pictures where we didn't do as he say look bad. Heck, if I had the proper photoshopping programs and a good quality printer, we really wouldn't even need to go to an overpriced studio like that!
Anyways, after the shoot, we all went for dinner at the Boulevard Restaurant. It was the second time I'd ever been there for a meal, and thankfully the food service was much better. I still don't get how they could hire a staff that can't speak english despite being a Chinese restaurant.
After dinner, me and Ling stopped by Bintang Plaza and Ling got her ears pierced. Her ears hurting for a bit after, but she's fine now. Her ears only hurt if she touches them.

Thursday night we had a family get-together at the house for my Aunt Jane who was visiting from Australia. Other than one of my uncle's getting hammered and almost breaking our bathroom door, I'd say the night went off without a hitch.

Friday night Ling wasn't feeling to well, so we made a quick stop at Bintang Plaza again where I picked up the much anticipated Wrestle Kingdom game for PS2 before sending her home so she could get some much needed rest. I'll post my first look at the game in the video games blog soon so keep an eye out for it.
Saturday night Ling was working the afternoon shift and she still wasn't 100% after being sick the previous day. So I sent her home and than met up with my brother and cousin at the new Coffee Bean that opened up at Bintang Plaza recently. I don't drink coffee and can't stand the smell of the place, but it's definately a nice ambiance to the place, if only they had something on the menu other than coffee and tea.

Today my brother went back to Singapore, and me, Ling and my parents all saw him off at the airport this afternoon. Seeya again soon, bro!


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