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Friday, August 25, 2006

Extreme is Gokujo!

Last night I finished watching the anime series Gokujo Seitokai, a really fun series about a group of students who comprise the Miyagami High School Student Council, or Gokujo Student Council for short. While the story mostly centered around the air-headed Rino Randou, her puppet companion Pucchan, and the student council president Kaneme Jinguji, all the characters who comprise the council get good air-time to let their personalities shine. A impressive feat when you consider there are about 13 main characters who show up in every episode and none are left out, even if it's a short appearance per episode, they are all there.
The story isn't even your regular everyday school life story either, as Miyagami High School is not your average high-school, and neither are the council members. All sorts of crazy and hilarious situations happen to the council, and it's usually their job to fix things or make sure everything goes smoothly, from investigating the backgrounds of suspicious characters, to even using weapons of mass destruction hidden on the campus!
Despite some minor complaints with the low animation quality and color scheme of the series in certain spots, this really is one of the more enjoyable series I've seen so far this year, and highly recommend checking it out if your into light-hearted humour with a dash of insanity every now and then.

Wednesday me and Ling watched the 3D animated movie, "The Ant-Bully" at the cineplex. A "been-there, seen that" story about an introverted kid who gets bullied a lot at school and takes out his frustrations by tormenting ants. The ants take revenge by shrinking him down to their size and he has to learn about the ant-ways if he ever wants to become normal sized again. It was an ok story, but like I said, it's "been there, seen that".


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