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Monday, August 28, 2006

Silent Hill

You heard me. Silent Hill is the best damn video game to live action movie port I've EVER seen. And the simple reason behind that is because they followed the actual environment of the game, even if they did tweak the story a little. I watched this gem of a movie on Saturday night with Ling, and from start to finish I enjoyed every minute of it. Ling might have gotten a little fed of me saying how impressive it was and how I pointed out to things that were just like in the original game. You'll easilly recognise the monsters from the games (Red Pyramid, the Nurses, etc.) as well as the rusted, caged settings of the Hell world with the random corpses hanging about.
I think the only small complaint I have with the story was when the police officer, who could obviously fend for herself against the other "survivors", decides to just take a beating from them instead of trying to escape on her own when she obviously could have. I thought that was rather dumb and the only dissapointment of the movie.
But still, If you liked the game, you'll definately be impressed and pleased with how the movie turned out. Hats off to Sony and Konami, and hopefully they will make a sequel that follows the story of the second game next. It would definately be interesting to see how they tackle the darker story behind that one!


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