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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Freedom at a price

Today Malaysia celebrates another independance day. You all might remember the little rant I did about all the reasons I was proud to be a Malaysian, well this year I got another one for ya.
I'm proud to live in a country where if you didn't take part in the Merdeka Day Parade, your not entitled to a holiday! What the Hell kind of BS is that? They announced on the news that tomorrow would be a public holiday for Kuching and any company that had representatives in the parade there. So the rest of the state gets shafted. I thought the independance day deal was suppossed to apply to the whole friggin' country, on not specific individuals who technically paid for their ride while the rest of us just sit by and watch.

On the plus side, today also marks the launch of the AniMax channel on ASTRO, and so far the only complaint I have is that most of the shows aren't sub-titled! Meaning we either have to listen to the Japanese dub and guess what they are saying, or listen to the usually really bad english dub jobs. Some of the shows have subs, but in Bahasa Melayu. Take the good with the bad I guess.


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