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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Extreme no Tsukaima

Well, I've got five days of vacation time starting Saturday, but it's pretty much been rather sucky thanks to the crappy internet speeds. With this much free time, I got to balance my video gaming and anime & puroresu watching. So far, I haven't watched any puroresu, but I have played a ton of new games these past few days and I'm not sure which ones to play through and finish first.
But I did manage to get through a marathon run of the anime series Zero no Tsukaima. A fun series about a Japanese boy named Saito who gets teleported to a mystical fantasy world by a student magician named Louise, to be her familiar, or life long magical servant. I liked this series despite the various comparisons to Shakugan no Shana, another series with a similar story which came out first, but I never watched Shana, and probably won't for a while.

Yesterday I caught the live airing of TNA Wrestling's Bound For Glory PPV. This was a really strong PPV, being for the first for the company outside from it's usual IMPACT! Zone location. And the show featured an outstanding steel cage match between AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels VS Homicide & Hernandez of LAX. It was probably the best American wrestling match I've seen all year, a 5-Star performance by both teams and definately in the running for Match of the Year, and definately the Tag Match of the Year.

Today also happens to be the first day of Hari Raya here in Malaysia. Ling was working half day, and we spent the afternoon at my place. We cleaned up the back room a bit, and spent most of the afternoon just relaxing before going out in the evening for dinner at McDonalds before looking around Bintang Plaza a bit and I sent her home. I manage to pick up the first music CD I've bought in months, Trivium's "The Crusade" album. It surprisingly only cost RM33, so I definately had to pick it up since I really enjoyed their previous album, Ascendancy from 2 years back. Guitarist and lead singer of the group Matt Heafy is just too damn talented for his age!


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