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Monday, October 30, 2006

FOUR and counting

So Saturday me and Ling celebrated 4 years together as a couple. We missed the actually date by about a week cause we both forgot, but what the hey. To celebrate, we went to Shiki's Japanese Restaurant and had ramen. Never fails to amaze me how a bowl of beef and noodles from that place can fill me up with just one serving. After that, we went around Boulevard shopping complex a bit before heading home and spending the rest of the evening watching movies and anime on TV.

Yesterday I picked up Ling from work than went to get a hair cut. Since Halloween was around the corner, I also took the opportunity to finally get something I've been wanting for a while: a fake severed hand! Don't ask why, I've just always wanted one and it was on sale. It does look realistic and a bit creepy though.
After I sent Ling home, I spent a better part of the afternoon washing my car, cleaning one of my dad's many fish tanks, and giving the dogs their weekly baths. I spent the rest of the evening watching the Simpson's Halloween Specials marathon on Astro.

My internet connection is still f*cked though, and I found out through a friend that it seems like the whole country is effected, and not just my town. So something is definately up with Streamyx.


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