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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Phones, Saloons and Cineplex

I got me a new toy to play around with! On Friday I got me a new Motorola V3X handphone. I picked up this phone more or less because it was featured heavily on the TV show House, so let's all hear it for the power of product placement advertising!

Saturday I spent the whole day out with Ling. We spent most of the afternoon at Mona Lisa Studios making arrangements for wedding photo shoot and gown arrangements. We finished that at about 4PM, and went around town a bit after that. We had dinner at KFC at Bintang Plaza, and went to watch the movie Pathfinder at the Star Cineplex. Remember the problems I complained about the last time we went there to watch a movie? Well, it happened again! But this time not only did the sound die out, but the picture went out of sync too! I didn't wait around this time and immediately went to complain, and they did manage to fix it this time, but a little later during the climatic ending sequence, the film reel actually burned up! Again they managed to fix it and finish the movie, but I'm guessing they'll be missing a few seconds of footage next time they play that movie. Star Cineplex is in definite need of an overhaul to fix things up a bit.
As for the movie, Pathfinder was a rather interesting movie based on a legend of a Viking child raised by American Indians about 600 years before Columbus discovered America, and this Viking child by the name of "Ghost" help defended the shores from invading Viking Berzerkers! I don't know if this legend is true, but I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you like barbarian/warrior movies.

Right now, I don't think we'll be going back to the cineplex for awhile unless they are showing something I really wanna see.


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