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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Hunt for Bed October

OK, so over the weekend me and Ling went hunting for a new bed and finally found a good one at the bargain section of Sing Sang Hai Furniture. It costs RM1399, but it's black leather and includes a mattress. Since we had the bed, which would be delivered in about 2 weeks or longer, we also went hunting for bed sheets and mattress covers to go with it. We looked around Bintang Plaza and Imperial Mall, and the hunt continues tonight at Survey Hypermart and Boulevard Hypermarket.

Speaking of beds, I've been having trouble sleeping these past few nights. Sunday I had to pick up my mom from the airport, and her flight was delayed and only touched down at 10.30PM! Last night I was up past midnight watching WWE RAW, but overall I just haven't been able to sleep properly and turn in my bed most of the night. Not sure why, maybe my insomnia from my school days is returning?

Work is boring, but at least Christmas is around the corner and we're getting a four day New Year weekend next week. So is it time to get some rest? NOPE! TIME TO PARTY HARD!


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