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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

In case everyone wondered why the long silenced since my last post, it's not because it took me this long to recover from over-celebrating, but because my home PC is shot and still in the shop for repairs. Not sure what happened, but the whole thing just conked out on me and I might have to change the motherboard. It should be ready today if not sometime this week.

Not a whole lot going on for Christmas for me. Had a lousy dinner on Christmas eve compliments of my big brother, and a big brunch on Christmas day thanks to my mom. The rest of the holiday was so-so. Also on Christmas day, "Godfather of Soul" James Brown and former US President Gerald Ford passed away, and Saddam Hussein got executed by hanging.

We got a four day weekend here for new years. But that wasn't much to shout about either since Ling was working most of the time and I had no PC to do anything. All my online plans to bang in the new year were ruined. Me and Ling spent New Year's Eve watching TV. We had a big family gathering at my place on new year's day, and took tuesday off to relax. Hopefully my PC will be fixed soon.


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