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Saturday, February 17, 2007

One more for the Good Guys

So on Tuesday I went with Ling to the Boulevard Hypermart at Imperial Mall to return a shirt she bought for her mom, but her mom didn't like it much so Ling wanted to change it for a better one. Problem is we ran into this stuck up bitchy sales representative who refused to change it for a different branded one since she represents the brand of the shirt we bought. She said we could return it for the same brand, but when we asked the other sales people, they said it was ok. The bitch than started a fuss claiming that you couldn't change brands, and stuck by her story even when a supervisor of the Hypermart said it was ok. I really got pissed off so I gave her a piece of my mind. She claimed that we couldn't switch brands, so I pointed out how there wasn't a single sign ANYWHERE in the complex that said as such. If there was, than I would agree, but without it, all there is is a sales rep trying to pimp her merch and her merch alone, even though the money we are paying for her crappy merch was going to the mall and not in her pocket. This finally got the point across to her as she told the staff to do as they like and stormed off. So we managed to change the shirt for a better one.
Survey says: That's one more for the good guys!


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