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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Why I will be spending an eternal damnation in Hell

So last Sunday me and Ling went back to church for what was supposed to be our final Family Planning Course meeting with the church official. The only thing is despite the fact that we already understood the premise and how the charts and graphs work, they still wanted us to come back again! I got pissed off when I heard this and mouthed off my opinion at the church rep, telling her if they wanted us to come back so many times, they should have told us in the first place. They wanted us to understand how the system works, and we do, so why drag us out again? I could tell I struck a nerve with her and for that she'll probably curse me to Hell for not agreeing to their high and mighty ways.

Anyway, things got slightly better after that as me and Ling headed to the Boulevard restaurant for the "meeting of the parents" to discuss the dowry and preperations for our impending wedding. We were both wrecked with nerves for that, but luckily everything went off without a hitch and it only cost me RM170 to pay for everyone's lunch at the restaurant.


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