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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Birthday Pizza and Pink Eye

Yesterday me and Ling went to Pizza Hut to celebrate Ling's birthday. Her birthday was actually on Monday, but we couldn't celebrate it then because she was working till night. We aslo took the opportunity to check out the new improvements Pizza Hut made thanks to some renovations these past weeks. It's good that they finally made the place bigger, though you wonder why they don't just move to a bigger lot where they could sit even more people cause even on a Tuesday evening the place was full. Luckilly we went early.
After dinner, we did a lot of window shopping and walking around Bintang Plaza. I got my eye on getting a dust buster some time in the near future cause I've always wanted one it would come in handy for my gaming room.

Today I was sent home from work cause I had pink eye and everyone was afraid of getting infected. I didn't think it was that bad since it was only in one eye, but when I got home the other eye got infected also. My eyes aren't as red now as I type this, but they still feel puffy. Hopefully it will be all better by Sunday since me and Ling are scheduled for our wedding photoshoot at the Mona Lisa studio.


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