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Monday, February 26, 2007

Year of the Pig, and I met a Pig

So Chinese New Year has come and gone. Surprisingly I made a good haul in ang pow money this year. Getting over a hundred bucks is a near miracle at my age. I spent most of the CNY by myself though, since Ling was off on her company paid vacation to Taiwan. We did manage to spend the first day of CNY together though, and the highlight of which was when we went to her sister's house and she showed us her pet pig! It's a black piglet they named Sunday, since that was the day they got it.

Other than that, most of the week was spent hanging out at home playing Final Fantasy XII, hanging out with my brother before he went back to Singapore on the 22nd, and just lazing through work since everyone was still on leave.

I did manage to meet up with a group of old high school friends which I hadn't seen in years. We later went as a group to the cineplex to watch the new Andy Lau movie, The Protege. It was an ok movie, though it lagged in places and did have a few fun comedy bits like the dumb criminal that jumped off the 8th floor to his death while trying to out run the cops during a raid. Lesson of the movie is Drugs are BAD.

So Ling finally came back from her vacation yesterday and we went out for dinner and a long chat, with her telling me about her experiances in Taiwan and me telling her about what I've been up to here. She surprised me by getting me a Keroro Gunso model kit of the blue ninja robo suit. I don't know all the characters, so that's how I'll describe it. She also bought a few Chinese snacks back.

After sending her home, I caught the Transporter 2 on STAR Movies. It didn't have much of the story of the first movie, but was action packed from start to finish and a worthy sequel.


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