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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Operation Ground & Pound

So I spent my weekend watching a trio of MMA shows, first was the PRIDE FC 2006 SHOCKWAVE show, than UFC 66: Liddel-Ortiz 2, and finally PRIDE 33: The Second Coming. All were really entertaining shows from top to bottom. I got a K1 show I need to get to watching soon too.

Last week me and Ling went to watch Norbit at the Star Cineplex. They were showing it in Star 2, so I wasn't too worried about any problems the movie might have as opposed to Star 1. The Eddie Murphy movie was probably one of the funniest movies I've seen this year, and surprised that a lot of the humor got passed the censors.

Saturday me and Ling spent the evening at my place watching the Discovery Channel. The couch I ordered for our new room also arrived, at 8 in the evening! Apparantly they were busy all day and only got around to our place at that time. Sunday we went looking for more furniture and found a few good deals, but haven't confirmed anything yet.


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