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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lights, Camera, Stand Still!

Sunday was the big day me and Ling went for our wedding photo shoot at Mona Lisa Studio. We spent the whole day there, but it really shouldn't have taken that long since for some reason the photographer kept disappearing between shoots and we had to wait an extra few minutes for him to come back after every costume and make up change. It also didn't help that the guy gave vague descriptions of how he wanted us to pose. He'd say turn, but not incline which direction, and some of the poses just didn't feel natural. Wouldn't hurt for them to ask us for ideas on how we would want to pose for our shots too now wouldn't it?
Oh well, that's one less wedding hassle to worry about.

The days leading up to it me and Ling went around getting last minute things needed for the shoot, like a pair of black slacks and formal shoes for me and a button shirt and fake nails for her. So we really didn't get much rest or together time other than the full day at the studio.

Tomorrow is a public holiday, so it's time to laze away again!


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