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Friday, May 04, 2007

Movie Madness

Last week me and Ling went to the Star Cineplex and watched Pan's Labyrinth. I knew the movie wasn't going to be in english, but I was surprised at the gore content of the show. It's no wonder the show won awards for visual effects after seeing scenes like the Major stitching his own mouth with a hook after it was sliced open by the rebel maid!
Saturday night me and Ling watched Night At The Museum on DVD. It was good to finally watch it finish after the very bad experiance at the cineplex some months back, and I liked the way the movie played out in the end. I wonder if they'll make a sequel?
Sunday I caught the premiere of the movie Papparazzi on Star Movies. I always enjoy a good revenge movie and this was no exception, featuring a rising action star who gets bugged by the papparazzi who constantly harrass his family to the point that he snaps after his entire family is almost killed in a car wreck caused by the evil photographers and he starts to get his revenge taking them out one by one. I know not all paparazzi are as mean as the movie portrayed them, but the heels in this movie definitely deserved what they got.


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