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Friday, May 04, 2007

One of the toughest decisions you'll ever make...

...deciding on the photos to choose for your wedding album! Seriously, me and Ling spent the entire afternoon on Wednesday selecting our photos to be used in our wedding album at the photo studio, and it's no easy task cutting down 120+ pictures to just 21 for the album. While some can easilly be omited, it can be migrane inducing when it comes down to the final batch of eliminations. And after you pick out the 21, you have to again choose from that 21 which photos to print out for the Thank You cards, framed photos, portraits and etc! All I can say is, if you can afford it, try getting a package that gives you more than 21 shots to choose from.
Personally, I wasn't really impressed with some of the camera work that was done to take the photos. Some of them were cut off at the top of the head for no apparant reason, as well as other shots that should have been zoomed out just a bit more to get a complete and better shot. To make things worse, we have to go back on Sunday to choose again cause Ling's family wasn't satisfied with our choosing of some of those cut off photos! Here comes the migrane again.


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