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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Super Hero Fatal Four-Way

Warning! This post contains spoilers for the Spiderman 3 movie!
Me and Ling went to watch the highly anticipated Spiderman 3 movie last night and I really enjoyed it just like the previous two movies. It was an interesting change of character for Spiderman to let the fame get to his head, I loved the Sandman as the sympathetic villian, but I though Venom could have been better since he's supposed to be the steroided up freak version of Spiderman. Green Goblin Jr. was also a bit of a dissapointment since he lacked the fighting skills of his dad, though the improved look was ok. I didn't like all the speedy and shakey camera shots during the fight scenes though, and I also didn't like it when Spiderman, Venom or Green Goblin Jr. fought unmasked. Sure it adds realism so you think it's the actual actors up there fighting at frantic speeds, but personally I think it takes away from the characters they are playing. And of course they had to kill off someone. At least Sandman survived and there's the possibility of a Venom return, or even a Carnage appearance for the next movie.
Overall, If you loved the first two movies, you have no excuse not to watch this one! And keep your eyes open for the obligatory Stan Lee, Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi cameos.


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