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Monday, May 25, 2009

31 and counting

OK, so I celebrated my 31st birthday this past Friday so I thought I'd finally get around to posting something again.

My company held it's monthly happy hour gathering at the Island club again, and also held the birthday celebrations at the same time. I went 3-1 for pool that night, and for once I joined in on the karaoke singing, belting out the chorus to Enter Sandman by Metallica when the other guys were just butchering the classic. Not much else of note, I had ordered a 1/1 scale replica of an Alien facehugger as a gift for myself as well as two bomb buttons I'm expecting in the mail any day now.

Saturday I took part in a PS3 Street Fighter 4 tournament at Imperial Mall as part of the Sony Roadshow there. Luck was not on my side as I was eliminated in the quarterfinals by the only other player there that actually knew how to play the game! If we weren't in the same bracket, I would have had a cakewalk to the finals, and me and him would have tore it up as there was a big crowd reaction for our fight. I used Blanka, which worked well in the first round, but he saw through my attacks and was able to play hard defense to take me down. In retrospect, I should have used Guile to match him with fireballs and cheap combos.

Other things that happened recently, about a month back when Ling was officially baptised, we were involved in a 3-way car wreck due to heavy rains and sudden flash floods. We paid for the repairs via insurance, and it cost about RM3,000, in addition to the RM300 fine I had to pay.

There was also a reptile and pet exhibition at Imperial Mall last month, and I bought a snapping turtle that cost RM200. I wanted an alligator snapper, but they were out of stock. Maybe next time.