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Thursday, March 22, 2007

An Epic 300

Me and Ling went to watch 300 last night, and it was a heck of a movie! The battle scenes were amazing and the whole thing was done really well from start to finish. I'm not sure how accurate to actual history it was, and I only have a few complaints about some of the logic, but again, highly recommended viewing and a true epic movie!
Speaking of "epic movies", last week we watched Epic Movie, and I wonder if part of the gag was that it only ran a little over an hour instead of the usual 2 hours real epic movies tend to go. A lot of toilet humor, but if want to watch a good comedy, I'd recommend Norbit instead of this one.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Siren's Song

Last night me and Ling went to watch the Japanese horror flick Forbidden Siren at the Star Cineplex. The movie was based on the PS2 survival horror game of the same name, though noticebly they changed a lot in the movie compared to the game. The story of the movie revolves around this girl who goes with her dad and kid brother to a secluded island to help her brother to rehab a sickness he seems to be suffering from, and her dad is there to investigate the island. Of course weird things go on on the island, especially when she is warned never to step outside at night when you hear the siren.
The town was a dead ringer for the one in the game, including the countryside areas and some of the characters like the zombie cop. What I would have preffered was if they used the "zombie-vision" more in the movie, since it was a prominent feature in the game that helped it to stand out from other survival horror games. It would have been great to see things from the point of view of the zombie rampaging their house near the end of it.
Of course, being a Japanese horror flick, you can expect a bizzaro ending twist and that's more or less what you get with this one too. This was a pretty good horror flick, done the way most Japanese horror movies are done using ambiance what you don't see to scare you. Recommended if your a fan of the game or Jap horror movies, but the king of the video game to movie adaptations still goes to Silent Hill, and there are early rumours that a sequel for that is in the works!

After I got home I was also able to catch the premiere of True Asian Horror on Discovery Channel. It was rather interesting to learn about what inspired the stories behind hit horror movies like The Ring and such. Can't wait to see what else they come up with in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Operation Ground & Pound

So I spent my weekend watching a trio of MMA shows, first was the PRIDE FC 2006 SHOCKWAVE show, than UFC 66: Liddel-Ortiz 2, and finally PRIDE 33: The Second Coming. All were really entertaining shows from top to bottom. I got a K1 show I need to get to watching soon too.

Last week me and Ling went to watch Norbit at the Star Cineplex. They were showing it in Star 2, so I wasn't too worried about any problems the movie might have as opposed to Star 1. The Eddie Murphy movie was probably one of the funniest movies I've seen this year, and surprised that a lot of the humor got passed the censors.

Saturday me and Ling spent the evening at my place watching the Discovery Channel. The couch I ordered for our new room also arrived, at 8 in the evening! Apparantly they were busy all day and only got around to our place at that time. Sunday we went looking for more furniture and found a few good deals, but haven't confirmed anything yet.