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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So here's the picture of the new mutt I promised. Fitting to post a freaky pic like that on Halloween eh? On top of that, I've been busy finally getting up my new anime blog. The first posts have a Halloween theme to it too, from the series Black Lagoon. So click the link, check it out, and let me know what you think.

Monday, October 30, 2006

FOUR and counting

So Saturday me and Ling celebrated 4 years together as a couple. We missed the actually date by about a week cause we both forgot, but what the hey. To celebrate, we went to Shiki's Japanese Restaurant and had ramen. Never fails to amaze me how a bowl of beef and noodles from that place can fill me up with just one serving. After that, we went around Boulevard shopping complex a bit before heading home and spending the rest of the evening watching movies and anime on TV.

Yesterday I picked up Ling from work than went to get a hair cut. Since Halloween was around the corner, I also took the opportunity to finally get something I've been wanting for a while: a fake severed hand! Don't ask why, I've just always wanted one and it was on sale. It does look realistic and a bit creepy though.
After I sent Ling home, I spent a better part of the afternoon washing my car, cleaning one of my dad's many fish tanks, and giving the dogs their weekly baths. I spent the rest of the evening watching the Simpson's Halloween Specials marathon on Astro.

My internet connection is still f*cked though, and I found out through a friend that it seems like the whole country is effected, and not just my town. So something is definately up with Streamyx.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Extreme no Tsukaima

Well, I've got five days of vacation time starting Saturday, but it's pretty much been rather sucky thanks to the crappy internet speeds. With this much free time, I got to balance my video gaming and anime & puroresu watching. So far, I haven't watched any puroresu, but I have played a ton of new games these past few days and I'm not sure which ones to play through and finish first.
But I did manage to get through a marathon run of the anime series Zero no Tsukaima. A fun series about a Japanese boy named Saito who gets teleported to a mystical fantasy world by a student magician named Louise, to be her familiar, or life long magical servant. I liked this series despite the various comparisons to Shakugan no Shana, another series with a similar story which came out first, but I never watched Shana, and probably won't for a while.

Yesterday I caught the live airing of TNA Wrestling's Bound For Glory PPV. This was a really strong PPV, being for the first for the company outside from it's usual IMPACT! Zone location. And the show featured an outstanding steel cage match between AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels VS Homicide & Hernandez of LAX. It was probably the best American wrestling match I've seen all year, a 5-Star performance by both teams and definately in the running for Match of the Year, and definately the Tag Match of the Year.

Today also happens to be the first day of Hari Raya here in Malaysia. Ling was working half day, and we spent the afternoon at my place. We cleaned up the back room a bit, and spent most of the afternoon just relaxing before going out in the evening for dinner at McDonalds before looking around Bintang Plaza a bit and I sent her home. I manage to pick up the first music CD I've bought in months, Trivium's "The Crusade" album. It surprisingly only cost RM33, so I definately had to pick it up since I really enjoyed their previous album, Ascendancy from 2 years back. Guitarist and lead singer of the group Matt Heafy is just too damn talented for his age!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Babies & Katsu!

Wednesday me and Ling went to watch the latest Jackie Chan HK movie, Rob.B.Hood. Story about two thieves who kidnap a baby and end up growing fond of it, leading to a lot of rather hilarious moments as they avoid beign discovered as the kidnappers and learn how to look after a baby. Sure, the idea behind the movie is rather cliche'd, but it was rather enjoyable. The only complaint I have is that even though it was for comedy purposes, I don't EVER want to see scat jokes in a movie, wheather it's from a baby's diaper or not.

In my latest anime watching endeveur, I got done watching the series Amaenaideyo Katsu!, the second season to the Amaenaideyo series, again following the adventures of a group of trainee monks (six girls and 1 guy) as they learn to master their abilities and exorcise evil spirits along the way. The series has way too much fan-service for it's own good that you sometimes wonder why they didn't just make it porn, but there's still plenty of comedy value to it. I'm actually hoping they make a 3rd season so they can concentrate on the monks mastering their abilities.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Heroes, Angels and Dreams

Saturday night me and Ling watched the first 3 episodes of the new TV series, Heroes. This series is a rather interesting take on the "What would you do if you discovered you had super powers" story, with a hand full of people around the world (Actually, just America and Japan) who discover they have bizzare abilities, like the indestructable girl, the artist who paints/draws the future, the brothers who can fly, the police officer who can read minds, the woman with a reflection that has a life of it's own, and my favorite, the Japanese salary man who can bend space and time with his mind!
There also seems to be a super-villian involved, who's a psycho serial killer, and a possible government cover up regarding how these everyday people received their super powers. But the main storyline is that these "heroes" are all destined to come together and save the world (or just New York) from destruction.
Me and Ling were hooked from the very first episode, and hopefully, the rest of the season doesn't dissapoint either.

Watching through the tons of fan-subbed anime series on my PC, with still more to come since the new season is just starting, I finally got done going through two more series, Season 4 of Galaxy Angels and Yume Tsukai (Dream Users). Galaxy Angels of course follows the insane adventures of the Angel Tai, and since the 5th season already airing in Japan consists of a completely new cast of characters, I almost thought they were going to end the series logically, but than they pull a 180' like they always do, so the possibility that they might return some day for another season or maybe a movie or OVA isn't out of the question.
Yume Tsukai is sort of like Ghostbusters, only instead of 3 scientists and a black man, we get 2 sisters, an aunt, an apprentice, and a possible pedophile (He likes kids and ignores women) who enter peoples dreams to deal with nightmares that become reality and try to engulf it's dreamer. Despite the almost kiddy-like concept of the series, it took on a few rather heavy themes throughout the series, like lesbianism, sibling incest, and the one I expected the least, "daughter having the hots for dad incest"! There's nothing really graphic about this series, as like they say in the show itself, "There's no such thing as a forbidden dream". The series was definately something different from what I usually watch, and I think I can recommend it if you like watching shows about the paranormal and such.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Moving Along

Well, despite being home alone for most of the week I've found it to be rather boring at home. Even when Ling stops by there just doesn't seem to be much to do.

It also seems like I might have another bone to pick with Streamyx as for some unknown reason I'm having trouble with my torrent downloads again. And it's JUST the downloads. I can surf the net just fine, but when I want to download a torrent it takes forever to connect and than we're talking about 1-3kb dl speeds here! Something isn't right.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Speaking of Freedom

Wednesday I sent my parents to the airport as they are going on vacation, leaving me home alone for about a week, meaning I'm free to waste away at home as I see fit. The problem now is my internet is acting up again on me. Not sure why, but I thought when Streamyx upgraded the system and stuff last week that it meant it would be able to perform better?!?

Monday, October 02, 2006

You are FREE...

...to do as we tell you - Bill Hicks

So me and Ling spent our weekend at CHURCH. Yup, you heard that right. The first time I've set foot in the Holy Ground in years. Why you ask? Because me and Ling had to attend a marriage councelling course, which is compulsary if we want to get married. We also have to attend another Family Planning course next month, as well as Ling attending a class to convert her to a Roman Catholic.
Now, I don't really mind going to church and understand the values of the church and my religion, it's just that when I come in contact with certain church people who think they are so high and mighty because they practice these good Christian values that I get sick of it and would rather not go. I love the way they end everything with "No one is forcing you" too.

Example: "You will go to Hell if you don't accept God in your heart. No one is forcing you, just thought you'd like to know."

There was this arrogant prick by the name of "brother" John that really got on my nerves throughout the course. Acting like he's so much better than all of us and he pissed off the whole class at one point. They wouldn't admit it, but I could see it in the eyes of everyone else when "brother" John asked us a question, and changed it up when we gave our answers.

Question: What are the possible problems you think you'll face after marriage?
Answer? Financial difficulties? WRONG!
Personal differences with your spouse? WRONG!
Dealing with your new in-laws? WRONG AGAIN!
Apparantly NOTHING comes close to accepting God in your heart to save your soul! If the world food supply finished tomorrow, it's best to have accepted God so as to guarantee a place in Heaven when you starve to death.

I don't know about you guys, but when the world food supply ends, I'm not going to get down on my knees and pray, but I'll make an effort to LOOK FOR FOOD or CULTIVATE MY OWN SUPPLY! Even if it means going next door and knocking out my neighbours with a baseball bat to take their food. I sure as Hell ain't going without a fight!

Seriously, this "brother" John guy was so smug and proud of his sense of superiority that he wouldn't even accept others opinions, going so far as to raise his voice to drown out any neigh-sayers to what he feels are "perfect" values.

He even said there was no such thing as compromise in Christianity. You think Ling would have wanted to attend that attempted brainwash session if she didn't compromise to go just so we could get married?!? She's even compromising her beliefs by taking up Christianity just cause it's something we have to do to get married. Nobody is forcing us? Heck yeah. Why do we have to attend this just so we can have our wedding in church? Why is it if she doesn't take the course, than we get an "Un-Christian" wedding? Yeah, No one is forcing us. We are all free to do as they tell us.

Need another example? Guess what's the best present you could give somebody? The very best top of the line present that can make your life complete and make you whole? Why, it's a BIBLE! No one's forcing you to get one, but remember accepting God in your life makes you whole, and you won't regret it when you go to Heaven. And if your interested, you can BUY a copy from "brother" John's wife. Nobody's forcing, remember that.

Good Lordy, everytime I look at "brother" John's face I felt like slapping the religious taste out of his mouth. It must be really lonely up in Heaven as I don't believe there are many that can work and suffer through that much just to be good enough to be accepted up there. If God wanted everyone to be good and abide by him, why put so much temptation out there? Of course they say he's testing us to see if we are worthy, but if he loves us all equally, why punish us? Why force us to submit to his will? F*ck it. I'd rather enjoy my life now and spend an eternity suffering in Hell while never knowing paradise AFTER I die.

I'll probably regret my words here one day, but hey, no one's forcing me, right?