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Monday, June 26, 2006

Cars are shiny

Saturday night me and Ling went to watch the new Pixar animated movie, Cars. When they first started running the promos for this one last year I really didn't have any intention of watching it, let alone pay to watch it at the cineplex. But me and Ling seriously had nothing else to do so we went for it and I was rather surprised that it was rather good despite somewhat ripping off the plot from the Michael J. Fox movie Doc Hollywood and the plot hole of the world being populated by vehicles as people, who still need to live of petrol and repairs, but no explanation on who made them. But I might just be digging too deep into it as it was a rather good movie, and hats off to the animators as I thought they did an AMAZING job with the 3D shading. I swear, at times it didn't seem like 3D animation at all and more like stop motion plastic cars! The job they did with the details of the reflective surfices of the cars was truly award winning material.

Friday night I watched what was undoubtedbly one of the best moments in TV ever. It was on the TV series Third Watch, and the moment was police officer Sully killing a Russian Mafia lord as revenge for killing his wife. It was just a really powerful moment of poetic justice and the way Sully planned it and got away with it made it all the more special. It was still a bitter sweet ending for him though as he attended the funeral of his wife all by himself only to be comforted by his friends and colleagues as they slowly came in during the very strong closing moment.
After watching this, I really wonder how the hell this show ever got cancelled in the US, as it definately stands as one of my favorite shows since I first started watching it years ago.

From something sad to something exciting, as AXN started airing season 1 of the Ultimate Fighter reality TV show. This is the show that gave the UFC major mainstream TV exposure and a popularity boost as 16 MMA hopefulls compete for a spot in the UFC. The show easilly lived up to my expectations as we see how these men train for their fights, under the watchful eyes of Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture.

Last week I finished watching the anime series Fate~Stay Night, this week I finished watching another fun anime series called Azumanga Daioh, a really funny slice of life anime about the school days of a bunch of girls with quirky personas. Heck, we've all probably known someone like them during our school days, so it's easy to identify with the situations these girls go through, only with a really comedic twists added. Many anime critics highly praise and recommend this one, and I really agree with them on this one as it's something everyone really should watch.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Unlimited Blade Works

Saturday night Me and Ling had dinner at this new place called Ming's Cafe. We've been wanting to go there for a while now, but the location is really hard to get a parking space at. The place had a nice ambiance for an open air cafe, and had a good variety of foods too with fair prices. We're gonna try the western grill there next time since we noticed the rather generous portions they were serving to other tables.
After dinner we spent the rest of the evening at my place where we watched Soul Plane on DVD followed by White Noise on Astro. Sure I watched it already, but Soul Plane still cracks me up. I had seen White Noise previously also, but the subject matter still interests me. I remembered before how they promoted the movie by saying it contained an actual voice recording of the devil or something, but I'm not sure if they really used it in the movie.

Anyway, yesterday was also Father's Day. And my Dad came back from offshore just in time for it. He spent his day resting up at home for most of the day in addition to tending to the garden and the 6 fish tanks in our place. He deserves all the down time he can get considering he still works full time even though he's already past legal retirement age.

Also yesterday I watched the finale of the anime series Fate~Stay Night, a series that played a big part in my revived interest in Japanese anime. I can't believe it's already been over 6 months since I started watching this series, and while it wasn't all good all the time, it was definately one of the best anime series I've seen in a while that could keep my interest and keep me entertained. It does me good also that I have no idea of the background of this show too since I've been reading complaints all over the net about how this series wasn't 100% faithful to the game that it's based on, as well as people not happy with the outcome of the finale. All I can say about all that is that doing the right thing doesn't always result in a happy ending, and they ended the series in a way that you could really leave up to your own imagination of what really happened at the end. I seriously recommend checking it out if any of you get the chance.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Great White Hype

Yesterday me and Ling went to watch The Omen at the Star Cineplex. This was the big shocker movie that made it's theatrical debut on 6/06/06 (There are those numbers again) and broke box office records for a Tuesday release. The movie was a bit of a let down since it was mostly shock and less horror. Heck, the whole thing also just seemed to lack common sense. Like when Father Brennen tried to warn the guy about his devil child, it probably could have gone over easier even he didn't use such a hollier than thou approach. Heck, the ending was really dumb the way the guy handled getting the kid to the church attracting the attention of his own security to come and hunt him down. Sure it seemed like an "on the fly" decision, but I just thought it was dumb overall. At least me and Ling went on Movie Night when tickets are just RM5 instead of the usual RM7-8.

After I sent Ling home, I came home and watched one of the most Godawful pro-wrestling shows EVER. And ironically, it was the premiere episode of the new ECW on Sci Fi Network I downloaded. I still simply cannot believe how after hitting two home runs with the WWE VS ECW special and One Night Stand PPV that they could strike out in such a ridiculous manner. It ticked me off so much I wrote a whole article about it and posted it in the puroresu section, dubbed simply, The Rise and Fall of ECW...in 6 Days! Check it out, and let me know if you agree or not.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rebirth of a Revolution

I skipped work yesterday so I could sit home and witness the PPV spectacle that was ECW One Night Stand 2006. This wasn't just a nostalgia PPV like last year for everyone to experiance Extreme Championship Wrestling one more time, but rather the kick off to the relaunch of the new ECW as they are back in full force thanks to WWE, with their own TV show as a seperate brand from WWE RAW & WWE Smackdown!. The PPV wasn't perfect, and in no way could it compare to the feeling of last year's show. But this was rather the prelude to what fans can expect from the new ECW, and I truly believe that if they stick with the formula that the rebirth will indeed be a big success, which is what I'm hoping for.

The PPV was definately worth my money, and I haven't missed any of the replays either, which is good considering my weekend was mostly dull. I couldn't go out with Ling on Saturday evening cause she was exhausted from work so I just sent her home that night.
Sunday, Me and Ling went to the Petronas Petroleum Museum at Canada Hill. It was the first time either of us had been there. But I was rather dissapointed that the actual petroleum part of the museum was closed, whereas the history of Islam part was the only thing open to public. So there wasn't really a whole lot of interest to see there other than playing around with the various IQ games they had in the exhibit.
That evening things got better as I caught probably one of the funniest movies I've seen in awhile, Soul Plane! This was just really hilarious they way they incorporated black humour to an airline with rapper Snoop Dog as the captain. It was so funny that I immediately picked up the torrent for the unrated version which was of course uncensored compared to the one that aired on TV, so in addition to the usual profanities, there was also a bit of T&A as well as Taliban jokes! Seriously recommended viewing from me!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to watching the final replay of ECW One Night Stand. I already posted my review of the show up, so now expect me to post my personal thoughts on the show soon.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If Your 555, I'm 666!

Happy Devil Day y'all! It's June 6th, 2006, or 666 for short! Fat chance any of us will live to see another 666, but I hope everyone had a safe day and didn't go out on some psychopathic devil worshipping rampage!
And in honor of this, I posted my review of the 666 "Onryo 10 Anniversary" show from last year. It'a a bizzare but fun pro-wrestling show from Japan where they play up a theme of ghosts and demons and such! And these guys came up with the idea of putting God ( and Buddha!) in the squared circle long before Vince McMahon did earlier this year! Check it out, and enjoy Devil Day!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

3rd and last?

Thursday I began my four day weekend since it was Gawai. I spent the day at home, but picked up Ling from work in the afternoon since she was working half day. We went spent some time at Imperial Mall before I sent her home and headed home myself.

Friday I lounged at home again and picked Ling up from work again in the afternoon and sent her home. That evening we went to the Star Cineplex to catch X-Men III: The Last Stand. It was a really good movie, but felt like they tried to put too much content into too small a time frame. One of those cases where it seemed like they had so many characters to work with, but didn't really know how use all of them. Some things dissapointed me, like the number of important characters that were killed off, but at least Juggernaut lived up to my expectations despite the British accent and not being a hulking mass of huminity like in the comics.

Yesterday me and Ling spent the afternoon at M3 Mall, checking out the book fair there. It was all mostly back issues of magazines and comics. Ling picked up 3 comics for herself. We walked around the mall a bit more before I sent her home. I watched a fun movie on HBO last night, Man of the House, featuring Tommy Lee Jones as a tough cop that has to bodyguard a house of cheerleaders who witnessed a murder. a cliche comedy movie where the tough cop softens up in the end, but it was fun and I usually like these kinds of movies.

This afternoon me and Ling went to the Jom Heboh! fair at Boulevard. Basically the TV3 crew came down from KL to do a jamboree here and brought the local show hosts with them to meet fans and such. I could have gotten some free autographs and such, but didn't since I didn't really know them anyway. The place was crowded as heck though, since something like this only happens once in a blue moon here so everyone from everywhere came to check it out. We went home at about 4pm, but when I reached home I started getting a head ache. Probably from the drizzle of rain during the fair. It's back to work tomorrow, but I could really care less if I get sick and can't go cause it's been boring as hell at work recently.