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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Friday night Bowling

The past few days have been really reduntant. Work from 8-5, watch a little TV and play KOC2 in the evenings and surf the net. Hope I'm not hitting a seven year ich.

Anyways, I saw last night on AXN that they will be airing Michael Moore's award winning documentary "Bowling For Columbine" next Friday, 10/08/2004. If you haven't watched this yet either on tape, VCD, DVD or download, I highly recommend you check it out. It shows just how ridiculously easy it is to get a gun in America, from getting a free gun by opening a bank account to buying high calibre ammo from a barber shop! And the lows some people will go to protect their gun rights like the NRA and their d*ckhead founder, Charlton Heston, by holding pro-gun rallies everytime a big incident occours (the Columbine tragedy). Seriously, you do not want to miss this.

I've also posted the latest Spoiling The Illusion column, some music video reviews and an update in the KOC2 blog. So go check 'em out.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Weekend ramble

Friday night me and Trish went to check out the movie A Cinderall Story. Yes, there was anything else worth watching. Problem was that not only did they keep us waiting almost a half hour cause they were running late, but when the movie finally kicked up, they played the WRONG MOVIE! Some local made crap. Needless to say I stormed out and immediately asked cineplex staff what the deal was, and others followed my queue out to complain. Of course they finally did play the right movie, and it was kind of a fun flick too.

Yesterday I woke up and as I did my morning stretch, a dynamite pain surged through my leg and I immediately collapsed in agony! Don't know if I pulled a muscle or something, but the pain was so intense I was actually tapping out trying to make it stop! It eventually went away after a few moments, but I still had a limp for the rest of the day. There's still a slight sting right now as I type this.
Last night me and Trish watched the movie Biker Boyz on HBO. Fun movie about black biker gangs.

Anyways, I've posted the results of my first simulated KOC2 shows already. And I've posted some puroresu thoughts relating to NOAH's next tour. I also got a review for the new Slipknot video, "Vermillion" up, check 'em out while I go check out Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle on HBO now.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Another one gone too soon.

It was reported yesterday that former WWF/E/WCW wrestler Ray Traylor AKA The Big Bossman had passed away at his home on Wednesday at the age of 42. I posted a column in the puroresu blog on some of my best memories of him, so check it out.

I've also posted the results for NOAH's big "EAST VS WEST" show, featuring a huge Kobashi Army VS Akiyama Army gauntlet elimination style match and a puroresu tape review of the Dragon Gate 8/1/2004 PPV.
Also got reviews up of two great heavy metal videos that are covers of classic songs done in modern style by Marilyn Manson and KoRn. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Change of pace

Well, I didn't go out with Trish last night like we normally do cause her work-shift has changed and she's now working evenings on Tuesdays. That just leaves us Fridays and Saturdays to hit the town, and maybe Mondays if I can squeeze it in.

Anyways, big posts in the puroresu blog as I present my RAW Season Premiere Edition of Spoiling The Illusion, as well as posted the results and some pictures from Monday's DSE/Zero1 HUSTLE-5 show. It looked like the WORST HUSTLE show yet.
And for the fun of it, don't forget to check out my KOC2 blog which I update frequently now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

More Colosseum Goodness!!!

My new King of Colosseum 2 role-playing blog is up! For the fun of it, I'll be simulating matches and shows and posting the results here, as well as coming up with my own angles and storylines. The first card has already been announced for this Friday. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Colosseum Goodness Pt2

Like I mentioned in my last post (see below), I got a copy of King of Colosseum 2 last week thanks to my buddy, TenzanTeam2K. But I wasn't able to play the game or watch the two puroresu tapes I received on that same day cause the office dropped a big work load on me that I had to finish by Friday. On top of that, I was struck by the flu and sore throt. Luckilly, I made the deadline and was able to play KOC2 to start unlocking the tons of hidden stuff in the game. I posted a review up in the video games blog so go check it out!

I couldn't do much over the weekend since my health wasn't 100%, so me and Trish spent the night at home watching movies on ASTRO. Being a pharmacist, she also got me some antibiotics for my flu which kinda helped, but I'm still not 100%.

Sunday was a boring day other than the huge thunder storm which hit town and left a few flash floods and washed up garbage all over the highway. With all the free time, naturally I spent the day blasting away at KOC2 and I've almost unlocked everthing.

Coming soon: EXTREME KING OF COLOSSEUM! It'll be my own little RPG site where I book shows simulated in the game and post reports on angles I make up myself. Watch for it soon! My buddy TenzanTeam2K already came up with his own site which you can check out by following the link.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Colosseum Goodness

Last night me, Trish and her twin sister went to watch the Thai horror flick, The Sisters at the Star Cineplex. This was a big Ju-On rip-off, and it isn't even scary anymore after the opening moments. Basically this band rent a room at a hotel while waiting for their gig, and the room is hauted by the ghost of a girl who was murdered and decapitated there. The ghost than follows them around and kills them off one by one. Supposedly this is based on a true story.
If you haven't checked yet, my WWE Unforgiven PPV report is up also. My predictions for the show are 3-3-1, with a shocking surprise at the end of the PPV when HHH actually won the title for the 9th time. The PPV was OK, and I thought they did a decent job of following it up on RAW last night with the surprise return of Shelton Benjamin, and Benoit coming out also shows he's still in the World Title hunt.

Received a bunch of goodies in the mail today. First, my AJPW and Dragon's Gate tapes that I ordered from Japantapes.com finally arrived. Then, the mailman came again with a poslaju delivery, that being a copy of King of Colosseum 2 my buddy TenzanTeam2K sent me together with an order for Puroresu VCDs. Thanks alot, pal! Now I'm the FIRST in Miri with the game! Expect a review soon.

And for those who are interested, posted a quick puroresu tape review of All Japan's October Giant Series 1998 featuring an excellent Misawa/Kobashi Triple Crown match, and a review for Saliva's new video,"Survival of the Sickest".

Monday, September 13, 2004

Weekend ramble

This post fueled by Slayer's "God Hates Us All" CD.
And did anyone notice the special appearance by Zakk Wylde on Angel last Thursday?

Where to begin? Saturday was a public holiday here, so I didn't have to spend half the day at the office like I usually would, and since my parents were out of town, I decided to spend the day out before picking up Trish from work and sending her home. My buddy TenzanTeam2K was searching high and low up in KL for King of Colosseum 2, I chipped in and took a look around here, even though the chances were slim of getting it here before KL. And of course I turned up zilch. Not even Biohazard: Outbreak File 2 which is out in KL already!
I did manage to find the full Alien VS Predator movie toyline by McFarlane Toys, but they were going for RM120 a piece! And for some reason, I don't remember any of the Predators in the movie sporting 3ft blades on their arms other than the usual double blade claw like these action figures had.
That evening, me and Trish were thinking of watching Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid, but all the good seats at the cineplex were taken. We decided to indulge and have dinner at Pizza Hut. Wouldn't you know we'd score a FREE pizza when they sent us the WRONG order? They said it would be on the house since they goofed up. Some time later, they delivered ANOTHER WRONG pizza! This time they took it back and appoligized some more before finally getting us our pizza. We took the freebie pizza with us as a takeaway and went home to watch the fun Martin Lawrence movie, National Security, on HBO and snacked on the freebie.

Yesterday I was gonna bring back the return of my long overdue article 'Spoiling the Illusion'. But wouldn't ya know after posting my predictions for WWE Unforgiven, and half way through the article, my PC froze and the article was lost! And the freeze also reset my Stramyx settings! So I couldn't get back online. My cousin who could help me with the settings wasn't free either, so he can only drop by tonight to take a look it.
Wasn't a total loss though. It freed up my time to finally play Resident Evil: Outbreak on PS2. With the sequel already out in Japan, I knew I had to play the game now! And I finally finished the first scenario too! Expect a review soon. Hopefully before File 2 comes out.
I also had the opportunity to check out the movie "Airheads" on Star Movies. This was a movie I had been wanting to watch for a very long time! Starring Brandon Frasier, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler as a unknown heavy metal band who take a radio station hostage to force them to play their demo tape. Lots of hilarity in this one! Including some special appearances by Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, White Zombie performing in a club, and MTV icons, BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD making a call to the radio station!
Yesterday evening, I watched the Tony Awards on Star World. YES. I have an interest in watching Broadway shows. Did ya know they created a Broadway PREQUEL to the Wizard of Oz called Wicked? Or a Broadway show called "Assasins", based on nine people who throughout history tried to assasinate American presidents? Or a Sesame Street copy called Avenue Q, but with more mature feel to it? Yup. Broadway isn't all singing and dancing!

All that out of the way, In addition to my "Spoiling the Illusion" column, my long awaited NOAH DEPARTURE Tokyo Dome show review is up! Along with some stuff in the metal section. Check back later for my WWE Unforgiven review, which I hope to post after watching the replay tonight since I can't catch the live airing.
And I've posted a little something special in the Video Games blog. Check 'em out and enjoy!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Western Lariat?

Found me a piece of bull-rope today on my way back from work! Reminds me of the one Stan Hansen used to carry around and whip the audience with during his intros in All Japan Pro Wrestling back in the day. This one's a bit shorter though.

I also received an SMS from Celcom today asking if I'd like to receive special promotions and offers through SMS. HELLO?!? I get enough SPAM on my hotmail address! And pity any fool dumb enough to accept this offer.

Anyways, NOAH's big Nippon Budokan tour closer has come and gone, and I've already posted the results up with some thoughts on the show. Go check it out!

My buddy, TenzanTeam2K also brought it to my attention how King of Colosseum 2 for PS2 still isn't available here yet, but Biohazard: Outbreak File 2 is, despite both games being released on the same day in Japan!
I'm sure it'll get here eventually, but if not, there's always mail-order! The only thing I'm worried about now is that the AJPW and Dragon's Gate tapes I ordered from Japantapes haven't arrived yet, and it usually doesn't take this long. Hopefully it'll arrive soon, or it's gonna be a flashback to my first tape order from Japantapes when they guy had to send 3 copies before I eventually received it, with the other two lost in the mail somewhere.
Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Update your bookmarks!

Updated my Puroresu VCD site on a new address:


I've included a big update of some major shows, so check it out and let me know what you think!

I've also posted a long overdue review for the TORYUMON "Revolucion" 2/22/2004 PPV. This tape was sitting on my desk for a couple of months, but watching the 6th Anniversary show sparked my interest to finally check it out, and it was a pretty good (though confusing at times) show.
Coming soon, My NOAH Departure Tokyo Dome review!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

G-1 Done, Next stop, Tokyo Dome!

I know I was supposed to post the review for the final volume of the 2003 New Japan G-1 CLIMAX on monday, but I was distracted by my NOAH Departure Tokyo Dome tape that arrived and I spent the night watching the whole event in one sitting! And it was a heck of a show to boot!
I couldn't get it done on Tuesday either cause I was busy with work, so much in fact that I had to bring it home to finish.
When I finally got around to it yesterday, for some reason (technical difficulties), I couldn't post anything to the blog! So I only finally managed to get it done this morning. Along with posting my review of the G-1, I also added a short article on what I thought of the twelve wrestlers who participated in it (Yes, TT2K, I bashed Tanahashi and praised Takayama!).
Next stop, watch out for my NOAH Tokyo Dome show review, and the re-opening of my VCD site in all new splendor.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Devil made me do it!!!

I have no idea why, but on Friday while I was at work, I was writting out a crew list of workers to be submitted to the company client, under nationality instead of "Malaysian", I kept typing in "Malasyaitan"!!! I don't know why. Maybe the keys on the keyboard were too close together? Or like most serial killers say, "The Devil made me do it!"

On to business, My NOAH Departure Tokyo Dome show tape is finally here! I came in on Friday, but since I was at work all day I couldn't collect it from the post office, I couldn't get it on Saturday either since it was a government holiday! So I can only get it tomorrow! On a positive note, I finally finished watching all three volumes of the 2003 New Japan G-1 Climax tapes! I'll try to get the review up tomorrow for volume 3, which was an awesome semi-finals and finals!

Elsewhere on the blog, I've posted the results of the big AJPW 9/03 show where Kawada defended the Triple Crown against NJPW's Osamu Nishimura. I've also got new game review up for Shell Shock - Nam '76, and a music video review for "Last Train Home" by Lost Prophets. Enjoy!