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Friday, March 31, 2006

On Ice

So I finished Black over the weekend and watched the latest NOAH Budokan show, and then on Monday my home PC goes haywire on me. So it took me several days to back up all my stuff, and I was up until 1AM last night re-formatting the system. It's all good now and I just need to reinstall all my programs as well as my internet connection and everything should be back to business as usual.

Last night me and Trish went to watch Ice Age 2 at the cineplex. It was a rather funny movie as expected, more than a worthy sequel to the original. And Scrat stole the show as his little misadventures were given a lot more time and focus, which had the whole house laughing at his attempts to secure ONE acorn! Great movie and highly recommended viewing.

Monday, March 27, 2006

One Weak

Last week was probably the most boring work-week I've ever lived through. It was boring mostly cause all the big heads were out of town, leaving us inmates to run the asylum. So with no one around and nothing to do, plus the fact that the internet connection was on the fritz, we were all bored to death.

Thursday me and Trish went to watch Date Movie at the cineplex. This was one of those non-serious comedies that spoofed other popular movies. It had some really funny moments that were ripped off from other movies like Bridgette Jones Diary, Meet the Fockers, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and even The Lord of The Rings! It might not be to everyone's taste, but it definately worth checking out if you like some gross comedy.

Friday night me and Trish got a take-away from McDonalds and spent the evening at my place. We watched a few episodes of Iron Chef on DVD I ripped. It was the original Japanese version, but dubbed in english for American TV. Definately would have been better if they just subbed it instead.

I spent my weekend at home since Trish was working in the evenings. I finished the FPS PS2 game Black, and played a little of the freaky survival horror game Rule of Rose, which I really hope gets an english release. Other than that, I did what exercises I could to try and lose weight, ending up with stiff joints and such.
I also seriously need to get around to watching the puroresu shows I downloaded so I can clear them off my hard disc.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Not Forgotten

Well, I got my blood test results back and I almost got a clean bill of health. Seems I've got a bit of a cholesterol problem, with it being a full 1 point over the safe limit. So I guess the only thing I can do now is work to get it back down to the safe level, cutting down on the McDs and fast food and working out more I guess to get back in fighting shape.

Funny thing happened the other day also as my internet got cut off for several hours, but when it came back on, it was surprisingly alot faster! Good to see Telekom finally come through on their word of speeding up the connections. Now I really feel like I'm getting what I pay for.

Thursday me and Trish went to the Euro fun fair that's in town. They brought some interesting rides with them, including one called the Extreme which spins people upside down about 30ft in the air. We didn't take any of the rides, but we did visit the Hall of Mirrors and had some fun there looking at all the oddball reflections. We really didn't do much else since everything was rather pricey. We madea quick round of the Boulevard mall before heading home for the night.

Last night me and Trish spent the evening at my place and we watched "The Forgotten" on HBO. This was a rather interesting movie starring Julianne Moore as a mother who's son passed away a year earlier in a plane crash. Thing is, 14 months later every other parent who's kid died in the same crash completely forgot about ever having kids, except Moore's character Telly, who can't seem to forget. The story takes an X-files like twist when it turns out the Government are somehow involved and even aliens have something to do with it! Rather fun thriller, and I liked the way they did these abduction scenes with people just being sucked in the air. And one of the best parts was when the NSA van ran into the car Telly was in, and you could see the van coming as the camera was on Telly as she was talking to someone.
Fun movie and I recommend it if you haven't watched it yet.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Blood for Blood

Saturday Me and Trish went to Pathlab to get our blood tested. No, it's not like we got STDs or anything. It's something Trish has been doing for years now, and finally managed to drag me to go along for it myself. Personally, I thought it was a rather interesting experiance. The last time I gave a blood sample was years ago when I was still a kid. Funny how I could actually feel my arm getting weaker as the blood was being extracted, kinda of a weird feeling when it's draining out.

Anyways, after that, we had lunch before I sent her off to work and I spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. I finally got around to doing some heavy exercises and even now my legs are still hurting from all the squats I did. Definately going to need to do more to get back into fighting shape.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Do The Evolution

This has been one really dull, boring work week for me. TGIF is all I can say.

Last night me and Trish went to watch Underworld: Evolution, the sequel to the surprise hit movie Underworld. I never watched the first one even if I did have the VCD of it, which was a mistake since this sequel continues directly after the first one. I don't mean directly as in it has the same characters doing something some time after the original, but direct sequel as in it continues minutes after the first one! You could splice both films together and have one 3hour epic on your hands!
Anyway, needless to say Me and Trish were pretty much confused for the about the story for the most part, even if there was a bit of an explanation at the beginning regarding the history of vampires and werewolves. It was still rather enjoyable, even though I didn't get why the heroes kept using high-powered guns to try and kill the vampires and werewolves when they don't really work.

I've got a sore left thumb right now too. It got it from playing the new Samurai Showdown game last night after getting back. I was up until 2AM trying to beat the boss of the game, and after 2 HOURS I still couldn't do it! Why the heck are bosses in 2D fighting games tougher than 3D ones? At least I know this guy can be beaten. I just need to be resiliant enough to beat him 2 rounds straight. I'll probably pull an all-nighter later to try and get the job done.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


You know your having an interesting day when you go to the gas station and the house radio is playing Redman, who's cussin' up a storm with multiple uses of the F-word.

Friday night me and Trish had dinner at Pizza Hut. The new pizza's they've been offering recently have been really crappy, so we just stcuk with the regular menu stuff. We then went around Bintang Plaza and I finally bought myself a new watch. The one I have now is ok and all, but not really suited for office use. We than did some more looking around and Trish bought some stuff for herself before we decided to call it a night.

Saturday morning I went out with my parents. We went to the handphone shop where my mom had bought our new handphones as there were some problems we wanted answers to. For example, what were all the programs they put in to my phone and why can't it play MP3? Turns out they DIDN'T KNOW! Well, they knew my phone couldn't play MP3s cause the proper software wasn't installed, but they didn't provide the software themselves cause they aren't the ones who program them in! I really got pissed off at them here cause shouldn't it be there job to know what is what when it comes to handphones, and with a shop their size, shouldn't they also be able to provide good after sales service? I brought my phone to a small booth at Bintang Plaza later and they immediately knew what was wrong and how to fix my problems with the phone, and it only cost me 10 bucks! Turns out my phone only uses wav files for ring tones and not MP3s.
Last night me and Trish had a simple night together. We had dinner a sushi stall at the Boulevard Food Court, than headed home to my place to relax and watch some TV. We watched Ghost Hunters, where they returned to the haunted prison where they captured video footage of an unexplainable moving shadow, but came up empty this time. They also manage to catch moaning sounds at a suspected haunted house.
After that we watched the dark comedy, Club Dread, featuring the members of Broken Lizard, who also made the fun police comedy movie Super Troopers. The movie was a fun take on all the slasher movies going around now. After that I sent Trish home at around midnight and when I got back, one of the Indonesian satellite TV channels was showing the Thai movie Ong Bak. I remember watching the first half of this one when I went to offshore a couple of years ago. Never got around to watching the whole thing. Sad to say I was a bit dissapointed at the second half of the movie, but Tony Jaa is definately the real deal when it comes to his action sequences.

Bit of a dull day today. Relaxed at home before picking up Trish from work in the evening and we went jogging. We haven't gone jogging once this year and we decided to take this chance to finally go. Unfortunately it was cut short when my mom called and asked me to bring home dinner for my dad. So we finished our jog and I sent her home before meeting my mom to get the food and come home.
I caught Dave Chappelle on Oprah Prime Time just now and thought it was a pretty good interview, although Chappelle did seem like he was holding back a bit. I also just got done watching the orignal Tim Burton Batman movie on Cinemax, and it's still stands up as well today as any of the special effects laden movies to come out.

Friday, March 03, 2006


What a way to start the week. On Monday my car battery died so I was stuck at the office till some mechanics were able to come over in the afternoon to change the battery cause the old one was shot. Had to shell out a hundred and twenty-five bucks on that.

Tuesday I had to rush home to pick up my dad from work since he doesn't have a car anymore. This is pretty much the routine now: pick up my dad from work during lunch break, send him after lunch break, and pick him up in the evening after work. The good news about that is that I got permission to skip off work early to go fetch him.

I got a new handphone now. A Nokia 6600 phone. It's a bit bulky, but was on sale and has everything a guy could need like a digital camera, video camera, internet, etc. The only problem is that I can't upload mp3s to it with Bluetooth and need an ifra red reader instead. Sheesh. More $$$ to spend.

Yesterday Me and Trish went to watch the new Pink Panther movie. From the previews I already knew this was going to be a cliche slapstick comedy movie featured and dumbass hero who bumbles things up at every turn, but it still turned out quite enjoyable. But personally I don't think I got my money's worth.

More to come.