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Monday, October 31, 2005


My hands are sore, My body is racked in pain, and I'm exhausted. All in a days work I guess. I went to Brunei today with my HAGE boss and colleague to move out the old Brunei branch office into the new one. We spent the whole day dismantaling tables and stuff and sending them over and carrying them up a steep flight of steps. On the plus side, the new office is located just opposite a guitar/music shop. I don't drop by the Brunei branch all that often, but at least they'll be something to check out now.

That isn't the only reason I'm exhausted. Yesterday I spent the whole friggin' day at the office as well doing overtime work. It totally pissed me off and ruined my weekend as I was planning on catching the "Must Scream TV" Halloween special on TV. Add to that I went to sleep at 3AM the previous evening cause it was supposed to be my WEEKEND.

I spent the whole day at home on Saturday playing Soul Calibur 3. Good game, though I wasn't playing it all day cause it was fun, but because it was irritatingly hard! One thing I've always hated about 3D fighting games is the damn block button, add to that the cheapo AI of the game.

Friday night me and Trish watched the DVD Land of the Dead. Fun horror/action movie about the world the way it would be if the dead came back to life and lived among us, as well as living off us using humans as a food source. I liked the interesting twist about how the zombies were getting smarter, but still relied on us as a food source.

Thursday night me and Trish went to watch The Creep at the cineplex. A British horror movie about this freak living in the subway system killing people for no reason. I really liked the beginning part at the subway station as it really reminded me of the beginning level of Silent Hill 4: The Room. Of course the movie goes downhill when we finally see the Creep and he turns out to be somekind of deformed acrobatic retard.

Now I gotta go and get some much needed rest, cause I still gotta go to work again in the freakin' morning.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Interesting start

Talk about an interesting way to start the week yesterday. After my lunch break as I was reversing my car out the garage, the automatic gate suddenly started to close by itself! I didn't even see it closing so I ended up backing into the gate, denting it and knocking it off it's hinge. My car suffered a cracked bumper too.
I had to take the afternoon off from work to stay back and watch the repairmen fix the gate by knocking it back into shape and then putting it back up. I also took the afternoon off since I got soaked in the rain trying to manually open/close the gate. So the whole thing is fixed and ok now, but yet another oddity occured as now I can't find my car keys! I'm using the spare ones now, but have no idea what happened to the originals I placed on the counter when I came into the house. Still haven't found it after checking the whole house too.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

3 Years and still going

Yesterday Me and Trish celebrated our 3 year anniversary as a couple. So what did we do to celebrate the big 3 count? Just something simple. We bought home dinner to eat, than spent the rest of the evening watching TV. We watched the reality show Ghost Hunters. We originally wanted to watch the HBO premiere of Catwoman, but opted for Ghost Hunters instead since we're marks for horror and such. Plus, watching what was left of Catwoman after, I can tell we didn't miss much. I thought it was a nice touch the way Sharon Stone's heel character in the movie had somekind of special ability where she doesn't feel pain.
We also spent the night taing shots at each oter with new set of boxing gloves I have. They came with a punching bag set I bought yesterday as well. Funny thing, I though those gloves were supposed to cushion your shots and also protect the person you punch, but they really hurt if you hit a guy hard enough!

On Thursday night we went to watch the Adam Sandler movie, The Longest Yard. I had a high interest in watching this one cause there are a handful of pro wrestlers co-starring in it, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, Bob Sapp and Giant Singh. The movie had alot of HILARIOUS moments in it and I highly recommend checking it out. I thought it was a bit mean of them to put English subs in for Singh when he spoke, but I guess the guy has a very hard voice to understand due to his size.

Now onto the blog stuff. Got a review up of the All Japan Women "Rising Generation 2004" show. Good show, but would have been better if the veterans actually put over some of the next generation stars. Read and enjoy.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Long Week

No updates here all week cause it's been dangling between boring and irritating for me. Boring cause there's nothing to do, and irritating cause I've got a nagging pain in my left foot that limits my mobility. At least I can't Shining Wizard the dog anymore.

The Stupid Wedding Planner
Friday night Trish invited me to accompany her and her family to a wedding reception of a friend of hers. It started out good enough, but than suddenly the wedding the host asked if we'd mind moving and sharing a table so that they wouldn't need to use the spare table we were sitting at. This was when things got ugly as they wanted to seperate us and put us at different tables just to save on the cost of an extra table?!? Nevermind their unprofessionalism ended up disturbing the other guests who were half way enjoying their dinner. They wanted us to sit with some really old people (God knows how I hate old people) and it just didn't sit right with me and Trish. So, me and Trish just walked out of the dumb event as we were really pissed. We left her mom and sister there though as they managed to get a seat together so we thought at least they could stick around to enjoy the dinner. I thought this was just a really horrible way to treat your invited guests and they hired a horrible wedding planner to plan out the event for them, not just because the venue was at a crappy hotel, but because on the guy's business card itself it was written "Wedding Planning & CONSULTUNAT"! Yeah, that's about right. Get a stupid person to plan your stupid wedding.

They can still be funny
I'll admit the latest season of the Simpsons has been getting really boring lately, but last night there were two really laugh out loud hilarious moments for me. This was the episode where Principal Skinner and Mrs. Crabapple were supposed to get married, but Mrs. Crabapple ran for it. The next day she was heeled by the whole class including Nelson Muntz who was taking Skinner's side. When Crapapple asked why he would take his side when he hates the principal, Nelson replied, "Hey, Bros before Hoes"! I didn't think something like that would get past the censors since they do it heavilly on Saturday Night Live, but at the end of the show there was one more remark made that wasn't cut out, that being Skinner was dressed as Catwoman to infiltrate a comic convention to try and win Crabapple back from Comic Book Guy and when she rejected both of them, Skinner's mom dragged him out of the convention and commented that he looked like a MALAYSIAN crossdresser! Good times.

Also TV related, I really like where the current season of Angel is going. They killed off Fred, but she's still around as her body is possessed by a powerful demon called Illyana. If she ends up becoming an ally to Angel's crew like it's being hinted, this could get more interesting than it already is.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Big in Japan

Last night was an interesting night for me and Trish, cause for once instead of watching what ever was on TV that night, we were watching a puroresu show together. And not just any puroresu show, but a Big Japan Death Match Wars show! But would be the first time I've watched Big Japan, and the first time Trish watched a Japanese Death Match! In honor of that, I've posted a special review of the show and included some fun comments made by Trish as the shows progressed. Read and enjoy :)

Friday, October 07, 2005

High in the Sky

Went to watch the movie Sky High with Trish last night. Really fun movie about a kid who's the son of the greatest super hero couple on the planet, but has no powers himself! He gets enrolled into super hero school and that's where all the fun begins. This movie was a sleeper hit in the US and now I know why as it was really good and funny. It almost looked like a live action version of the Incredibles, and like that animated hero-fest, I hope a sequel is in the works.

Thank God it's Friday, cause I've had a really tiring week. I've been running a lot of errands this past few days, running here and there and I'm also a little sleep deprived cause I've been having trouble sleeping for some reason. At least now I can rest up and recharge my batteries over the weekend.

And what better way to relax over the weekend than by playing the sequel to the sleeper hit game Katamari Damacy? That's right! I picked up the sequel yesterday, We Love Katamari! This is one of the most highly anticipated games for me since Fire Pro Returns, and I can't wait to spend my weekend rolling around the world again!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Myth Buster

SO I had this big post all lined up the other day about the premiere episode of The Amazing Race: Family Edition, but as I'm about to post it my office gets a power surge and all the computers get restarted, so I lost the whole damn thing and was to lazy to re-write it. TO you guys who say (and you know you are as you read that first bit) that I should type out my posts on MS Word or some other program and save it as I type it, I say yeah, I know that! But I don't go to where you work and tell you when to flip the burgers over and take the fries out of the broiler, so don't don't tell me how to type up my blog. It was a good episode to kick off the season though.

Anyways, Thursday night me and Trish went to watch the new Jackie Chan movie, The Myth. Jackie Chan's great return to Chinese cinema, and they really gave it that big movie feel as they went all the way to India to film some of the scenes. The story of the movie was really good, with the trademark Jackie Chan fight and action sequences and an interesting cast of characters, including the really hot Indian babe Mallika Sherawat who supplied some good eye candy to the movie. The only problem I had with it was the pretty crappy ending which I thought was really anti-climatic.

Reading material: Posted my review of the DDT "Max Bump 2005" show. Read and enjoy.