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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Running 3 on 10

I've been really exhausted the past few days as I've been running the past three days on a total of 10 hours combined sleep! It got to the point where I'd blink for 1 second, and 30 minutes would go by! Basically, I think my internal clock is screwed cause no matter what time I go to sleep, I still wake up early at about 7AM cause my body is in tune to wake up at that time to go to work. It also doesn't help that I'm one of those guys that can't get back to sleep easilly if I wake up all of a sudden. I was finally able to get some proper shut eye last night though, but I'm still not 100% rested.
So what exactly am I doing every night that's eating up my sleep time? I've been playing X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse! Two reasons that game eats up my sleep time is that it is a good game, and secondly the loading time is horrendous! It takes so freakin' long to load the levels and everything else in that game, and that's the only real downer to it.

Despite my exhaustiveness, I was able watch the 19th annual WWE Royal Rumble live on ASTRO yesterday morning. The overall show was ok, but the Rumble match itself was really good and it alone was good enough reason to watch the show, what with the very big surprise of Rey Mysterio winning the Rumble and now gets a guaranteed main event spot at WrestleMania XXII.
I also had to go fetch my parents from the airport yesterday afternoon, and after a really short nap, we went to my uncle's place for a Chinese New Year dinner. The food sucked as everything was so DRY, but the night wasn't a total loss as I thought my cousin the wonders of downloading things through torrent. I'm kinda envious he has a faster download/upload speed than mine even though I'm paying for the faster service. But than again, everyone's been complaining about Telekom's Streamyx service here for ages now.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai y'all!

Let me start things off by wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year.

It's been another long week again for me. Monday to Wednesday was boring as heck cause there was either no one in the office, or everyone wasn't in the mood to work what with the long holiday break coming up.

Thursday night me and Trish went to watch the new Jet Li action movie "Fearless", more or less based on the true story of a martial arts fighter who was blinded by his ambition of being the best fighter in the land, but paid a big price for it and realized the error of his ways, leading to him becoming a cult hero in China for being able to fight and beat other fighters from other countries who were occupying China at the time. The main selling point that got me to want to check this out was the highlight fight between Jet Li and former WWE wrestler Nathan Jones. The fight was pretty nicely done, and good to see Jones didn't get squashed by Jet Li's character during the fight. The only problem I had with the movie was the lack of any subtitles for the text at the beginning and the end of the movie which explained how things started and how it ended.

Not a whole lot going on on Friday cause Trish was working the afternoon shift. But I managed to get off work at 3PM due to the holiday season, and sent my parents to the airport that evening, leaving me home alone for the night.

Saturday I spent the day lounging at home playing X-Men Legends II on PS2. I had this game for a long time, but only now started to play it and really got into it. Check out the video games section for my review of the game. With the current long holiday, I just might be able to play through the whole thing.
Last night and picked Trish up from work and we went to her place for Chinese New Year Eve dinner. A rather simple menu, but still enjoyable, and I got to spend some time with Trish's family which I don't really get to do much off.
After dinner, we went back to my place where we watched the Stephen Chow epic movie Kung Fu Hustle on AXN. Still a fun movie to watch with great fight scenes. After the movie, we waited for midnight and saw a heck of a fireworks display from the local chinese in the neighbourhood rining in the New Year. A lot of money was spent on them fireworks, and I could only imagine the money that was spent to bride customs to get them in the city.

I went to Trish's place for lunch again today, followed by a visit to her parents place to meet up with some of her relatives. We than went back to my place and spent the afternoon watching Day of the Dog on Cartoon Network. Courage the Cowardly Dog still ranks as one hell of a funny cartoon in my books.
After that, we went back to Trish's place so she could change her clothes and grab her bags before I sent her to the airport. She's on a plane to Shanghai right now for a company paid vacation. So yeah, I got a long vacation myself, but I'm spending it alone. But don't fret, I'm all good as long as I got my PS2 and my internet connection works to entertain myself.

So that's all for this rather lengthy post. Catch y'all later.
And remember: blowing stuff up with fire works is fun, just be safe and make sure you don't blow yourselves up.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Another long week.

I've had a really long week. From Wednesday to Friday I was sick as a dog. Not sure why but I had a splitting head ache followed by a bout of diarhea. I was popping all kinds of pills and even went for a heat release massage before finally going to see a doctor on Saturday.
Needless to say any quality time I was supposed to have with Trish was all screwed up till last night when I was finally better thanks to whatever it was the doctor gave me. She's still planning for her big trip to Shanghai next week and I can't say I'm not worried myself since it's freezing over there right now and there have even been reports of people freezing to death! I really would like to go with her if I could, but this is a company outing and I'm working for her company so I just gotta trust them to take care of her.

Well, being sick does some privilages I guess, since I got to skip out on work for a few days. I managed to clear up my PC hard disc a bit and play some of the PS2 games that I haven't touched since first buying them months back.

I also got done watching my first puroresu show of 2006, which was the New Japan "Toukon Shidou New Chapter 1" 1/04/06 Tokyo Dome show. It was actually a decent show, but these guys still need to learn to book a Tokyo Dome show like something important instead of throwing out 10-minute matches hoping that having someone squash the other will help show how strong they are.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Long Gone Day

Really not much going on this weekend. I had lunch with Trish before sending her to work this morning. She was all lovey dovey and happy, which is just the way I like to see her.
I was a bit surprised when I went to the ATM to make a withdrawal to find that my salary hadn't been banked in yet despite the fact that I sent the check in on Thursday. Anyway, I bought me the Gravion Zwei DVD before heading home, and I spent my afternoon watching and deleting the many video files on My PC to clear out HD space.
With my DVD player still on the fritz, I had to use my PS2 to watch my DVDs. I manage to post up my review of New Japan's G-1 CLIMAX 2005 Finals. Despite being one of the company's biggest shows of the year, it turned out really crappy and forgetable, even if Chono did dedicate his 5th G-1 win to the memory of the late Shinya Hashimoto.
On a better note, I was rather surprised that the PuroresuPower site posted a link up to my Puroresu Year In Review 2005 on their site. I never really thought anyone would notice the things like that I post in my blog, but it is good to get free publicity like that.

Look out below!

So I'm having to run it on my own this weekend since Trish is working the afternoon shift for the whole week until her next day off on Thursday. So I spent the whole day at home, playing Magna Carta: Tears of Blood in the morning, taking a long much deserved nap in the afternoon, and I just got done watching the Big Japan Death Match Wars #57 show and posting my review of it. The show featured an insane scaffold match between Ryuji Ito and Abdullah Kobayashi for the Big Japan Death Match Title. And when it's a scaffold match, you know someone is going to be taking a big fall or two.
I was originally going to watch and review the New Japan 2005 G-1 CLIMAX Finals, but for some reason my DVD player konked out on me again, so I decided to watch what I had on my PC HD so I could clear out some space. I might put up another review tomorrow if I have the time. So read and enjoy.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Best of 2005

Well, this sure took me awhile to get too, but nonetheless, it's finally done. My 10 Best Moments of 2005 List!

1. Lord of the Rings
Of course the best moment of the year came right at the end of it when me and my girlfriend of 3 years officially got engaged on Christmas Day.

2. Less We Forget…Follow up the happiest moment with the saddest moment, which was of course the loss of Eddie Guerrero to the pro-wrestling world. There were other wrestling related and celebrities to pass in 2005, but none of them effected me and a great number of others like the passing of Latino Heat, Eddie Guerrero. We still miss you, Eddie.
Other big pro-wrestling losses in 2005:
- Shinya Hashimoto
- Chris Candido
- Lord Alfred Hayes

3. Tora! Tora! Torrents!
I was introduced to torrents by my cousin, and it would turn into one heck of a useful application. With P2P file sharing programs under fire and being marked by everyone who wanted to put a stop to it, the next big thing in file sharing was born in the form of Bit Torrent programs! I’ve gotten so much more out of torrents than I could have ever found from old P2P programs like KAZAA, from wrestling shows, to music, to movies, to anime, if your not using torrents, you are seriously missing out!

4. Animania!
Thanks in part to the power of Bit Torrent programs, I had renewed interest in Japanese anime this year after AXN stopped showing Japanese anime and the Animax channel on ASTRO is crap. Now I’m able to acquire an entire season or series of anime both new and old, and all it takes is a little patience to download the sometimes huge files. And they’ve been some really fun stuff to come out in 2005, the best of which was Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid.

5. That’s Good TV
It’s also been a great year for TV. I’ve found a ton of new shows in the from fun shows like Viva La Bam!, Becker and Wonderfalls, to reality shows like The Apprentice, American Casino and the Amazing Race.
Heck, even with all the Anime I was watching towards the end of the year, there were some great American cartoons on Cartoon Network that got my attention as well, such as Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited, X-Men Evolution, and my favorite of the bunch, the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy!

6. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!
Another thing that I got caught up with in 2005 was stand up comedy acts. I’ve always loved watching stand-up comedians, but once again thanks to torrents, and even the sale of DVDs here, I’ve learned some really hilarious stuff from the likes of Ron White (“They Call Me ‘Tater Salad!”), Jeff Foxworthy (You might be a red neck…) and Larry the Cable Guy (Git R’ Done!)

7. Great Voyage (Not NOAH!)
My first vacation with my girl Trish to Singapore in August last year was one of my most fun despite getting severely sick half – way through. But for those of you who don’t know this, there’s nothing better than being cared for by someone you love when your feeling weak and ill.

8. Let’s Get It On!
It’s no secret I’m a big pro-wrestling nut, but I’m also a big fan of MMA, and in 2005 my interest in the product was re-kindled by being able to watch PRIDE FC, K-1 and UFC through various sources. I even started seriously working out again and even bought a punching bag to do strikes, and let me tell ya, you don't know how tiring it is to throw wild strikes and miss your target till you actually try it!

9. Weight On, Weight Off.
Related to the above, it’s no secret I’m also a bit big boned, and Trish tried to help me shed some flab with all kinds of medical concoctions she got from the pharmacy she works at. Funny thing how some of it would work only for the short term before coming back again later. Guess my weight is destined to stay as it is.

10. Stupid Dog, You Make Me Look Bad!
And of course how could I forget the little wiener dog so full of energy now running around my house? From being called Geanie to Doo-Doo to whatever it is my parents call her now, this little doggie can be as big a pain as she can be fun to run around with. I don’t know what’s with her sometimes, but unlike Charlie Brown, I don’t mind having a dog that’s not normal like everyone else’s. Wouldn’t hurt if she was a little more well mannered though as the constant barking at nothing at the late night hours is enough to drive anyone insane.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

'Tater Salad

To borrow a joke from comedian Ron White, "You ever take a dump so big your pants fit better after?" That's what I was thinking last night after attending my company's annual dinner at the Cafe Rosita at Dynasty Hotel. I brought Trish along of course since the invitation included for me to bring my significant other. Of course, the two of us pigged out at the buffet till we reached our bursting point. The night ended with a round of white wine. I only took a few sips since I don't drink alcohol, but Trish helped finished it off. She's a trooper even if she wasn't feeling well last night.

Thursday night we went to watch The Promise at the cineplex. Now, for the first movie of 2006 that we watched, I was really impressed by this movie which had a really good story to it. Basically the whole story is about destiny and trying to break it. With great battle scenes and a really touching story, and some vintage comedy thrown in here and there, I highly recommend checking this one out.

Not much else going on these few days, but it's a public holiday on Tuesday, so I'm hoping to finally send my PC to get fixed and serviced on that day if the PC shop is open. I'm still working on my top 10 of 2005 also, so check back for that.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Losers Aren't...

Ok, like I said yesterday, I've posted my year end awards for PS2 Video Games and Heavy Metal music. I was thinking of doing a pro-wrestling awards also, but the more I thought about it, WWE was mostly horrible in 2005, and I'd be really biased for puroresu as I heavilly favour everything NOAH did and didn't watch as much of the other promotions to be fair. I might also not have any wrestling awards for 2006 as I'll be heavilly cutting down on my DVD orders, but I'll still keep up with WWE PPVs, and now TNA PPVs when they air on ASTRO.

So go read my picks of the year and leave comments if you agree or not. Coming soon, my personal 10 Memorable Moments of 2005. So be sure to check back for that.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dog Day Sunrise

Happy Year of the Dog, Y'all!
I was actually typing this big long new year article, but as I was typing it half way last night, a flash of lightning reset my home PC and everything I had typed was lost! So, being to lazy to re-do the whole thing, here's a more stripped down version of it.

Hope everyone had a safe New Year. Me? I didn't really get to do much on New Year's Eve since Trish was working the afternoon shift. I spent my day at home playing video games as usual, and went out in the evening to spend a few hours at the arcade before picking up Trish at 10:00PM.
We then went around Imperial Mall as Trish needed to get some winter clothes cause she'll be going on an overseas trip soon. I picked up a pair of sweat pants for myself, which resembled what Giant Singh used to wear in NJPW. I would have bought a matching hoodie to go with it since it was all on sale, but they didn't have my size.
We went back to her place at about 11:30PM, and wouldn't you know it would start raining heavilly as it got closer to midnight? Anywayz, me and Trish toasted in the new year with a bottle of sparkling red grape juice I had brought, yeah I don't drink alcohol. Sue me.
Since we couldn't celebrate New Years Eve together properly, I instead brought her out to dinner on the 1st. We went to the Hot Spot for western food. She had the Hot Spot Special Double Chicken Chop, and I had the grilled fish fillet. Normally, I would order the double chicken myself, but my parents challenged me to order something different for a change, so I did. The whole thing felt like a scenario out of Viva La Bam. Maybe I should have held out for something from my parents if I went through with it like Bam Margera always does?
So after dinner, we again went shopping at the Miri Square (or M3) Mall. I found this cool sleeveless military jacket, and I just might get it next pay day if it's still there. Then again, I might already have enough military gear in my wardrobe. From M3 we went to the Servey Hypermart for more looking arounds. I like trenchcoats, and found one really good one there that was 50% off! Problem is that it's not really suitable for Malaysian climates and I'd fry wearing one of those things here. Trish picked up more winter gear for her trip, and we made our way home.

Yesterday was a day off to replace Sunday. So I spent most of my day playing video games again and watching DVDs. With New Japan's annual 1/4 Tokyo Dome show tomorrow, I decided to watch their last Tokyo Dome show from 10/08 last year that featured the debut of ex-WWE talents Brock Lesner, Matt Morgan, Mark Jindrak & Charlie Haas. Check out my review of it in my puroresu show reviews blog.

Stay tuned, cause I'm in the middle of typing up my Best & Worst lists of 2005 for video games, music, wrestling and the year in general. I hope to get it up by tomorrow, so check back for it.